Adamsville, AZ Ghost Town

Adamsville, AZ Ghost Town forever sabbatical

Where is Adamsville, AZ? We had to look it up because we had not heard of it before. Check out the photos below so that you don’t have to make a special trip to see it.

Adamsville Marker Location

Let us share how to find the road side marker for Adamsville, AZ. From the corner of N Attaway Rd and AZ-287, head east on AZ-287 about 1.7 miles. There was a sign indicating that Adamsville Rd is up ahead. Use the turn lane to turn north. Right there on the northeast corner is the marker. It was about 5 feet tall. If you are not looking for it, you will drive right past it.

If you are driving from the town of Florence on AZ-287 the turn-off is about 4 miles to the west.


Building 1 Adamsville forever sabbatical
We used Sony DSC-RX100 VI Camera zoom from the public road to take this photo.

According to Wikipedia:

“Adamsville was a populated place in Pinal County, Arizona. Once a thriving farm town, it became a ghost town by the 1920s. Adamsville is located at an elevation is 1,450 feet, on the south bank of the Gila River, west of Florence, Arizona.”

The significance of the Gila River will make sense when you read the markers inscription.

Per Ghosttown AZ:

“In the winter of 1866-67, the first store was opened and in the early part of 1871 the district was of sufficient importance for a post office.”

The town must have had enough human interaction for the investment of a post office building.


After researching the area online we were excited to create a Halloween theme blog. On our drive, we envisioned up-close photos of the abandoned buildings. Some slow-motion video creeping around the corner of a dilapidated wall. Our imaginations were feeding off each other with fun scary intense moments. 

Then we arrived… We found the marker that was right off the road but did not see the abandoned buildings we saw online. Of course, we captured a few photos of the marker as seen in this blog.


marker Adamsville forever sabbatical

“In the 1870s, a flour mill and a few stress formed the hub of life in Adamsville, where shooting and knifings were commonplace, and life was one of the cheapest commodities, most of the adobe houses have been washed away by the flooding Gila River.”

No Trespassing

We used Sony DSC-RX100 VI Camera zoom from the public road to take this photo.

Then we drove north on Adamsville Rd, just a bit. There were a few private properties where it appeared that people were actively living. Horses and small farm animals were wandering in the yards. We spotted the buildings we saw online, but it was fenced off and appeared to be private property.

Therefore if you visit, you are not allowed to walk in and around the buildings. You can take photos from the public road, which is what we did.

Adamsville, AZ Ghost Town

Names Adamsville, AZ forever sabbatical

If you are driving by, feel free to stop. However, you might not need to make a special trip like we did to explore it. The marker on the side of the road is what it is.

Have you visited a location and found out it was not what you expected? Good or Bad.

28 thoughts on “Adamsville, AZ Ghost Town
  1. Thank you for checking out this site for us. Yes, I agree there is not enough to see to make the trip worthwhile. I might stop to read the marker if I was traveling pass.

  2. This video was pretty cool! Good job guys. 🙂 I’ve never heard of Adamsville but guess that’s okay since it appears to be pretty much gone. Someplace I don’t need to visit.

  3. Interesting! I’m glad someone put a marker there so people would know Adamsville existed. I love historic stuff!

  4. I visit some of the places that my ancestors who were teachers taught. And, the school room is gone. There’s nothing much left of the town. Besides the cemetery.

  5. I would have done the same thing – gone to check it out! I mean, it’s a ghost town. Bummer that you couldn’t really go close to the buildings.

    1. Sometimes places are different than what you expect. There have been many places that we have visited that the location was even better than we expected. 🙂

    1. I do not suggest visiting this marker for it alone. If you are driving on this road to visit the Casa Grande Ruins, then you could choose to stop.

  6. A great place to check out on the way by but I think your right…it’s not worth the trip for this alone.

  7. Awww so sorry it didn’t live up to expectations! I’ve had a few road trips that turned out to be less than I hoped. Ghost towns are fun to explore, when they are open to the public.

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