Historic Water Tower in Queen Creek, Arizona

Historic Water Tower Queen Creek, Arizona Forever sabbatical

A water tower has the function of storing water and yet many have a greater purpose of identifying areas. 

For instance, when you are on a road trip traveling along on your journey and in the far-off distance you spot a water tower with writing. You squint your eyes to read the text. Usually, it will name a town or in the case of the Schnepf Farms tower, lets everyone know where the Schnepf Farms is located.

Are you a water tower hunter? There are so many shapes and sizes. The diversity of beauty with each tower can be captured in art paintings, sketches, and photographs.

A Water Tower’s Story

 The Town of Queen Creek’s historical report shares the following:

Around 1924 Charles Rittenhouse had about 1000 acres of Queen Creek Farms Company farmland in which he used wells that pumped 2,150 gallons of water per minute and were 400 ft. deep. The water towers in the Queen Creek area were near the railroad tracks and during the 1930s and 1940s, the Dinky (Doodle Bug) was a common method of transportation in the area.

Water Tower Inscription


“This historic water tower for Producers Cotton Gin was first erected in 1952 on the corner of Ellsworth and Cloud Roads in Queen Creek. The landmark in Queen Creek was getting ready to be torn down but was quickly moved to Schnepf Farms in 1999 to preserve its history.”

Schnepf Farms

Thank you to Mark and Carrie Schnepf for sharing their family history with us and the public. We are grateful for those who keep history alive and available for the future.

Not only has the Schnepf Family saved the tower, but there are also many more registered historic structures located on the farm such as the historic 1912 Parker Carousel and a 1920s Wooden Carousel

When scheduling your visit to Schnepf Farms review hours and details at https://schnepffarms.com/

Historic Water Tower in Queen Creek, Arizona


There is a country song by Joe Diffie called John Deere. The song describes messages that one would write to a loved one on the town water tower. Do you have memories of your home town tower? Have you read an interesting saying on the water tower? We once saw “Will you marry me?”

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  1. I’ve seen many water towers but never thought about their historical significance. I’ll have to check out if we have any here.

  2. I’ve never thought about water tower history before! There is one near where we live in a county called Butts County that’s called “Beautiful Butts”

  3. Cool water tower! We just got back from a trip to Holbrook and the Petrified Forest. It was my first time to Arizona. I’m looking forward to going back someday to check out more of the state!

  4. I grew up with water towers but they do not have them where I live now and every time we go back we love seeing them.

  5. We don’t have too many water towers like that out here on the East Coast, so I think it would be fun to go “water tower hunting” in the midwest/west. Thanks for sharing !

  6. I always like seeing how different water towers are decorated. I’ve seen a lot where they promote the area’s “claim to fame” and I think that’s always cool.

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