7 Tips for Choosing a Day Hike

7 Tips for Choosing a Day Hike main

A planned or spontaneous day hike, what is your preference? Whether you are planning a day hike or just received a call from a friend to join them on a hike, you might want to consider the following tips to be prepared. Heights Do you enjoy hikes that take you higher than the clouds? Or […]

A Spa Scavenger Hunt

A Spa Scavenger Hunt main

A spa scavenger hunt and mimosas is a clever combination, one that I could not pass up. When I received the invite to the scavenger hunt, I was in. Then I learned that it was taking place at a Spa. Then I knew the adventure would not be any ordinary scavenger hunt. The Game Card […]

Geocaching in Arizona

Geocaching in Arizona main

Searching for a microsize container that blends in with the environment is the exciting part of geocaching. Not getting frustrated when you can’t find the container is the challenge. We love visiting new places and finding those unique spots. Geocaching is a great way to do just that. Finding Geocaching Sites Are you wondering where […]

New Year’s Eve – The Speakeasy

New Year Eve The Speakeasy main

Molls and Dolls, Mobsters and Flappers attended the biggest event of the YEAR. We were transported into the “Speakeasy” of December 5th, 1933. This is the day Prohibition ended. We celebrated as we brought in the New Year across different time zones in New York City, Chicago, and Phoenix, Arizona! The entertainment and food menu […]