Contest Extravaganza Aboard the Celebrity Beyond Cruise

Contest Extravaganza Aboard the Celebrity Beyond Cruise Forever Sabbatical

Sailing on the luxurious Celebrity Beyond 11 Night Italy, Turkey, and Greek Islands cruise in June 2023 was an unforgettable experience. Not only did we get to explore stunning destinations, but we also discovered a world of exciting contests to participate in throughout the journey. We set out on a journey filled with thrilling contests and the chance to win fabulous prizes.

Contests Abound on Celebrity Beyond

One of the aspects that made our Celebrity Beyond cruise truly unique was the abundance of contests available to passengers. These contests added an extra layer of entertainment and engagement to our journey. Here are some of the exciting contests we encountered:

1. Spa Contest on Embarkation Day

Right from the beginning, we were invited to participate in a spa contest. Using the Celebrity app, we received notifications about the perfect time to visit the spa for a complementary tour and contest entry. While we didn’t win any spa gift cards, the experience was so enjoyable that we eagerly looked forward to participating in similar contests on our next trip.

2. Effy Boutique: Jewelry Extravaganza

Effy Boutique, a jewelry store onboard, held daily contests with a chance to win stunning jewelry or gift bags. These contests were easy to find, thanks to the daily activities document provided in our stateroom. By arriving a little early and getting a ticket, we had the opportunity to win fantastic prizes. In fact, we were lucky enough to win a gift bag that included $50 in casino money, two key chains, and a complete set of charms for a charm necklace.

3. Art Scavenger Hunt: Unleash Your Inner Sleuth

For art enthusiasts and those looking for a creative challenge, the art scavenger hunt was a highlight. We had a great time solving riddles related to the artwork in the art gallery hallway. However, it’s essential to note that to discover if you’ve won, you must attend the art show, which can be quite lengthy. While we didn’t attend the art show, participating in the hunt was a fun and enlightening experience.

4. Casino Slot Tournament: Risk and Rewards

The cruise also offered a complimentary slot tournament with three rounds and prizes for the highest scores. Although we didn’t secure a win, the competition was a thrilling addition to our cruise entertainment. Additionally, there were paid slot tournaments for those seeking more intense competition.

5. Hot Seat Slot Contest: Casino Excitement

In the casino, there was a “Hot Seat Slot” contest, where playing at a slot machine could earn you $50 to spend in the casino. We were delighted when one of our group members secured this fantastic prize during our gaming sessions.

6. Time Is Now: John Hardy’s Trivia

We also indulged in John Hardy’s Trivia, a contest that involved picking up a contest sheet, learning about the craftsmanship behind John Hardy’s jewelry, and submitting answers. Returning at a designated time, we eagerly awaited the drawing to see if we’d been selected.

7. Bvlgari Carat Weight Guessing Game

Lastly, we participated in the Bvlgari Carat Weight Guessing Game, where we had to guess the carat weight of a ring displayed outside the Bvlgari store. Our guesses were entered into a drawing, and we were given a date and time to gather at Bvlgari to discover the winner. Although this contest spanned a few days, it added an element of excitement to our journey.

Contests Abound on Celebrity Beyond

Our Celebrity Beyond cruise was a remarkable voyage filled with thrilling contests, incredible destinations, and unforgettable memories. The contests we participated in added a layer of excitement and competition to our journey, making it a unique and memorable experience. As we disembarked from this unforgettable voyage, we left with new friendships, cherished experiences, and the hope of returning to this remarkable cruise ship for even more contests and adventures in the future.

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  2. What a lot of contests onboard the Celebrity Beyond. So many great options to participate in.

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