My Norwegian’s Priority Access Experience

Norwegian's Priority Access Forever Sabbatical

A Seamless Start to Our Caribbean Adventure

Norwegian’s Priority Access Experience made our January 2024 7-Day Caribbean Round Trip on the Norwegian Breakaway out of New Orleans, Louisiana, all the more seamless. Embarkation on Jan 28, 2024, and disembarkation on Feb 04, 2024, were marked by the perks and conveniences afforded by this invaluable addition to our journey.

Booking the pass just 24 days before departure was a breeze. With only 100 passes available pre-cruise, I was relieved to secure ours promptly for $199 per cabin, ensuring both my companion and I could enjoy the perks. Even our friend with a single-person room paid the same price for this valuable addition. Check the NCL website for pricing as the prices are different per the length of the cruise.

Before boarding, we explored the amenities included in Norwegian’s Priority Access, detailed on their website. Let me share our firsthand experience with each perk.

Norwegian’s Priority Access Priority Check-In and Boarding

We opted for the earliest check-in slot available, securing our boarding passes with “Priority Access” emblazoned proudly. Arriving at the port around 9:45 am on embarkation day, our taxi dropped us off conveniently. With no lines at security and dedicated Priority Access check-in desks, we swiftly obtained our room keys and entered the waiting area, greeted by cheerful staff and a fun photo opportunity. Boarding commenced promptly at 11:25 am, and thanks to Priority Access, we walked right on board without any delays.

Tender Priority When Applicable

As none of our ports required tendering, we didn’t utilize this perk during our journey.

Daily Complimentary Standard Room Service Breakfast

Room service became our morning ritual, serving as our alarm clock and allowing us to bypass the morning rush at buffets. Tips like disabling the “Do not disturb” light ensured seamless service each day.

Norwegian’s Priority Access Priority Debarkation

Since we booked an excursion through NCL on our last day, our debarkation process differed, rendering this perk inactive for us. NCL will deliver to your room written instructions on how to use Norwegian’s Priority Access for debarkation the day before debarkation day.

$50 Spa Discount per person (Port Days Only)

We thought we would be using this on port days. However, we did not. This is why. For example, a spa deep tissue 50 min massage was $399 plus a 20% surcharge. The Spa discount only worked on the normal pricing and NOT on the port special. An example of a port special of the day was $175 plus a 20% surcharge for a full body massage, energizing eye treatment, ELEMIS touch facial, foot and ankle massage, and a scalp massage. As you can see the port special was the more cost effective option.

Complimentary Canapés (Second Day of Cruise)

A delightful surprise awaited us on the second day—a tray of delicious canapés, a thoughtful gesture enhancing our onboard experience.

My Norwegian’s Priority Access Experience

In terms of cost, the $199 per cabin was well worth the convenience and benefits offered. From hassle-free embarkation to daily room service breakfasts, Norwegian’s Priority Access proved its value throughout our journey. I left the cruise feeling satisfied with our investment and would undoubtedly opt for it again when sailing with NCL in the future.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your Norwegian Priority Access experience! Sounds like such a fun and luxurious experience! I would love the free canapés and having room service breakfast every morning sounds divine. This seems like the way to cruise!

  2. I love the idea of Norwegians priority access. There is always such a long line when you are boarding a ship!

  3. You’ve provided a helpful review of the Norwegians Priority Access for your Caribbean adventure. The breakfast in your room would be handy on a shore excursion day to save time and not feel rushed.

  4. This is good to know about Norwegian’s Priority access! It seems like the perfect way to start a successful cruise.

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