Celebrity Beyond Restaurants

Dining in Elegance A Guide to Celebrity Beyond's Exquisite Restaurants Forever sabbatical

Dining in Elegance: A Guide to Celebrity Beyond’s Exquisite Restaurants

Ahoy, fellow travelers and food enthusiasts! Join me as I recount the delectable journey through the culinary seas aboard the Celebrity Beyond during our 11-night escapade across Italy, Turkey, and the Greek Islands in June 2023. This luxurious cruise not only treated us to breathtaking views but also a gastronomic adventure that left our taste buds dancing.

Celebrity Beyond Restaurants

Raw on 5 – Sushi with a View

Tip: Utilize onboard credit for the al-a-cart experience. No reservations needed for lunch.

Our culinary stop at Raw on 5, an indoor haven for sushi lovers. You can indulged in a delightful shrimp salad, sushi, and sashimi. I ate here twice for a delicious sushi roll.

LePetit Chef – Culinary Animation Extravaganza

Tip: Book in advance for this 3D table animation art show.

LePetit Chef, an enchanting indoor experience, offered both visual and culinary delights. Though an additional cost, the custom animation paired perfectly with the delectable food, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. There are two menus to choose from. I chose the menu that matched the amination show and was please with the results.

Mast Grill – Al Fresco Delights

Tip: Opt for Mast Grill over the Ocean View Café on embarkation day.

Mast Grill, an outdoor gem, provided a refreshing escape with complimentary hotdogs, hamburgers, and a surprise soft serve ice-cream dispenser. A perfect choice to kick off the journey! The hot dog and French fries were my first meal on the ship.

Blu Restaurant – AquaClass® Exclusive

Tip: Exclusive to AquaClass® guests, Blu Restaurant offers a healthier menu.

As AquaClass® passengers, we reveled in the Blu Restaurant’s clean cuisine. From appetizers to desserts, the focus on a healthier lifestyle made every meal a delightful and guilt-free experience. It is open for breakfast and dinner. I ate here as often as possible. I loved the fresh smoothies at breakfast.

Ocean View Café – Buffet Extravaganza

Tip: Check the daily planner for themed buffets and enjoy indoor or outdoor seating.

The Ocean View Café, a complimentary buffet, offered a diverse array of dishes for every meal. Open for break, lunch, snacks, dinner and late night. Which made it a versatile and satisfying dining choice.

Pizza Station – Slice by the Sea

Tip: Grab a slice and enjoy the indoor or outdoor seating behind the Ocean View Café.

For a quick bite, the Pizza Station served up complimentary slices, allowing us to savor our pizza while gazing at the waves. I ate here every day and enjoyed sitting outside.

Eden Café – Tranquil Retreat

Tip: Opt for outdoor seating to enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Eden Café, a peaceful retreat, served complimentary breakfast and lunch with minimal lines. The serene outdoor seating made it an ideal spot to unwind. Many people are not aware of this location, so take advantage.

Scoops – Sweet Indulgence

Tip: Patience is a virtue; the ice cream and gelato are worth the wait.

Indulge your sweet tooth at Scoops, where complimentary ice cream and gelato await. Despite the occasional line, the heavenly treats were well worth the wait.

Spa Café & Juice Bar – Post-Workout Refuel

Tip: Enjoy complimentary snacks post-workout.

Adjacent to the spa and fitness center, the Spa Café & Juice Bar offered complimentary snacks, a hidden gem for a light post-workout refuel. Note the drinks are an additional fee.

Room Service – Breakfast at Your Doorstep

Tip: Order an early breakfast for a hassle-free start to an excursion day.

For a stress-free morning, we opted for al-a-cart room service, ensuring a warm and delicious breakfast before our early excursion.

Celebrity Beyond Beverage Locations

There are many bars on board. We will share our experience with the bars we visited. Note, that there are more and visit the Celebrity Beyond website to explore those. A note to be aware of, when ordering drinks you are only allowed two at a time, even if ordering water.

The Club – Nightlife Extravaganza

Tip: Explore the drink menu, and don’t miss the Apple Martini.

The Club, an indoor hotspot for shows and dancing, treated us to a variety of mixed drinks. The Apple Martini was a personal favorite, adding an extra kick to the lively atmosphere.

Eden Bar – Wines with a View

Tip: Sip on wines while enjoying the multilevel, indoor Eden Bar.

The multilevel Eden Bar provided a perfect vantage point for late-night shows, with a selection of wines to complement the enchanting performances.

Magic Carpet Bar – Elevate Your Experience

Tip: Enjoy the views from the outdoor Magic Carpet Bar on every level.

While I didn’t indulge in a beverage, the Magic Carpet Bar’s ever-changing deck location provided a unique experience and stunning views.

Martini Bar – Grand Plaza Spectacle

Tip: Try the occasional martini while enjoying live music and dancing.

Nestled in the Grand Plaza, the Martini Bar offered more than just martinis. The lively atmosphere, live music, and bartender tricks made it a must-visit spot.

Mast Bar – Drinks with a View

Tip: Try the specialty blended drinks while enjoying the hot tub.

Mast Bar, located outside, served up mixed drinks with a view. Rainy days meant enjoying both the bar and hot tub in splendid solitude.

Pool Bar – Refreshing Poolside

Tip: Grab water during busy times or volleyball matches.

The Pool Bar, always buzzing with activity, was a go-to for quick water refills, especially during lively volleyball matches.

Sunset Bar – Serenity by the Sea

Tip: Try the dill beverage while enjoying the breathtaking views.

For a serene end to the day, Sunset Bar provided spectacular wake views. The spicy margarita from their specialty menu was a delightful choice for a chill evening with friends.

A Guide to Celebrity Beyond Restaurants

Embarking on the Celebrity Beyond not only transported us across stunning destinations but also treated us to a culinary voyage of a lifetime. From exclusive AquaClass® delights to al-fresco Mast Grill indulgences, and captivating beverage experiences at various bars, each dining escapade was a celebration of flavors and ambiance. As the sun set over the Greek Islands, we raised our glasses to the Celebrity Beyond, a ship that not only sailed the seas but also sailed into our hearts with its exceptional food and drink offerings. Until the next adventure, bon appétit!

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  1. Wow, there are lots of spots to grab a delicious bit to eat on Celebrity. They all look as good as the scenery backdrops!

  2. Wow so many choices for meals and drinks on Celebrity Beyond! As one who lives a plant based lifestyle, do they have vegan options?

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