3 Must-Haves for Summer Travel

3 Must-Haves for Summer Travel Forever sabbatical

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information. Thank you to Seat Sitters, Arcopedico and Sincerely Silver for products to test out on our travels. All opinions, photographs, and videos of the products are ours.

For those who are in charge of planning vacations, you know there is more than just the flights, hotels, and scheduling activities. There are small details that make the trip more enjoyable. Here is how Seat Sitters, Arcopedico and Sincerely Silver are must-haves to make your travels more enjoyable.

I am always reading about the latest and greatest in must-haves for travel because you never know when a new invention will help make your adventure more enjoyable. Maybe you are like me and you remember those times when you are healthy on your trip and you are able to relax. I am excited to share a few amazing products that do just that.

Staying Healthy While Traveling – Seat Sitters

Seat Sitters Storage Pouch with a Handle

Hunter and I travel a lot by airplane. We pack items such as disinfection wipes to wipe down the plastic/metal parts of the airplane seat and fold down table. We did not have anything to clean the fabric (porous material) seats. Then we found Seat Sitters!

Seat Sitters is the patent-pending kit for clean and healthy travel.  This is perfect for us because I get grossed out by people coughing when they get off the airplane that I am getting ready to board and wonder if they were sitting in my seat. My mind is very creative and will start thinking of all the disgusting ways someone could have coughed or left their skin cells on the seat that I will be spending 4+ hours in. Then, of course, I read about “An aircraft is supposed to be completely wiped down after every 30 days of service or at 100 flying-hour intervals” and I start to freak out.

Seat Sitters has responded to healthy travelers like us and have upgraded their packaging that includes a storage pouch with a handle for convenient packing into my carry on. The kit already includes wipes and hand sanitizer.

Would you like to know what is included in this asweome kit? There is a seat cover, tray table cover, a facemask to keep me from breathing in allergies, sanitary wipes that protect me from the bacteria from the previous traveler, a Nut-free sticker to put on the tray to let others around to know if you have that allergy, and hand sanitizer. All the items needed to keep my mind from thinking about the possible germs that would be jumping on me and allowing me to relax on my flight.

If you are a germaphobe like myself or maybe you travel with someone who is highly irritated with the possibility of germs on everything, put their mind at ease and invest in a Seat Sitter.

Seat Sitters Travel Kit

Being Relaxed and Comfortable While Traveling – Arcopedico’s Town

When packing my suitcase for a relaxing vacation one of my top items to pack is shoes. What can I pack that is lightweight stylish and can match with my summer dresses and casual shorts? I found the answer. The Arcopedico’s Town is reminiscent of a boat shoe. The shoe’s molds to my feet for all-day comfort. I am grateful they are breathable because the last thing I want at the end of a wonderfully romantic day with Hunter is to have hot and sweaty feet.

The Town can be your constant travel companion because of its versatility. It is also nice that the shoes are machine washable. Try out the Arcopedico’s Town for your next relaxing and comfortable journey.

Remembering That Special Vacation – Sincerely Silver GPS Coordinate Bracelet

Sincerely Silver GPS Coordinate Bracelet Rose Metal

We are fortunate to be able to visit and experience so many wonderful adventures. Sometimes, we wonder how are we going to remember this travel experience vs the next. For those very special places, there is Sincerely Silver’s GPS Coordinate Bracelet. Sincerely Silver is the lifestyle brand that creates this simple and classy jewelry for everyday wear for traveling.

I was able to personalize this classy bracelet with a meaningful touch, GPS coordinates from a special location. There are different metals to choose and I choose the rose metal. I am able to keep my special place with me when I travel. I admit that I wear the bracelet when I am not traveling too. When I am sitting in traffic, I look at my GPS Coordinate Bracelet and I am taken back to a great vacation, “Happy Place.” It is a great reminder.

Do you have a special place that you want to remember forever? To order your own or for a special gift visit GPS Coordinate Bracelet

Use this coupon code SINCERELY15 for 15% off your order!

Sincerely Silver GPS Coordinate Bracelet Adjustable Clasp

3 Must-Haves for Summer Travel

Check out Seat Sitters, Arcopedico and Sincerely Silver products to make your travels more enjoyable. What products do you include in your travels to make it more enjoyable?

27 thoughts on “3 Must-Haves for Summer Travel
  1. Had no idea there was a product like Seat Sitters. Very cool!!
    Love the shoes and bracelet!!
    Are the shoes true to size?

    1. Us too. So glad we found Seat Sitters to stay healthy on the plane. The shoes are slightly longer. I have the slip on Town shoe and therefore the added length was not noticeable. The GPS coordinates on the bracelet is great.

  2. Just in time! I’m planning a vacation with my husband in June. We will be traveling by plane and also renting a car. The Seat Sitters will become a must have for both. The shoes look comfortable and would be easy to remove at TSA area. The GPS bracelet will be a new way to keep memories(we are traveling for a family reunion). Tks for the great tips.

    1. Wonderful. Sounds like you are going to have a memorable family reunion. Yes, the seat sitters kit will be great for your flights. Keeps you healthy for your event. Those long lines at TSA can be awful on your feet, a good pair of shoes makes it easier. A GPS bracelet would be a wonderful way to remember the family reunion.

  3. Very cool ideas! I’ve never heard of Seat Sitters (reminds me of the plastic placemats I used to carry around for my kids when we ate at restaurants). I love the bracelet too – I’m a fan of any jewelry – it’s often what I buy when I travel as a souvenir.

    1. Seat sitters have a kit friendly kit that includes crayons that they can draw on the table mat. Did you let your kids draw on the restaurant’s mats that you brought? I still like to draw on the kid placemats. Jewelry is a wonderful travel souvenir. 🙂

  4. What a great post!! I have never heard of seat sitters!! I’m that crazy parent wiping down the seats before my kid sits on the airplane and need this!!

  5. Thanks for these great tips…definitely going to check out the Seat Sitters for future travel.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it can be scary learning about germs. Yes, the seat sitter and GPS bracelet are great ideas.

  6. I am so happy this company has given you a peace of mind. I am not worried about germs and have always been one to encourage my kids to play in the dirt, but I can relate to how the mind wanders. What a perfect travel companion to ease your worries.

    1. Right, prevention of germs on a trip helps to keep me healthy to enjoy the trip.

  7. Ok…. seat sitters is a GREAT idea!!!! I’ve heard too many horror stories of picking up things like lice and scabies… This is a great idea and I didn’t even know they existed! Thank you!

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