8 Beautiful Waterfalls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

8 Beautiful Waterfalls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

8 Beautiful Waterfalls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Are you planning a romantic date? Or maybe you are looking for a hike to a waterfall on Vancouver Island. Here are a few beautiful waterfalls that we visited in June 2018.

Goldstream Provincial Park Niagara Falls

Goldstream Niagara Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaLooking to see Niagara Falls without the crowds? A short ~ 15-minute drive north of Victoria on highway 1, the park is directly off the highway. The parking lot was not busy on a Tuesday afternoon, however, we originally tried to visit on a Sunday afternoon and there were no parking spots. We parked in the main parking lot for Goldstream Park. Then walked to the visitor center where we received instructions on how to get to the Niagara Falls. Go back down the tree-lined path and walk under the road, through the tunnel then straight ahead along the edge of the stream. Then you see the 47.5 meters cascade, Niagara Falls. It was interesting how the water came down the falls and then must have gone underground because we were standing in the dry creek bed.

Sandcut Beach Falls

Sandcut Beach Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada The parking lot was next to the road and very simple to get in an out. The hemlock and cedar tree lined path is wide and well maintained. There are well-constructed bridges to cross on the way to the beach. Once you are close to the beach there are steep steps to go down. Then the beach has rocks and some sand near the water line. Bring your hat and sunblock because you are out in the direct sun. We might have been there when the water was out because we have seen photos of the waves up to the falls. We walked to the left and found the two waterfalls. The falls are very easy to see from the beach. There were people taking photos in their swimsuits under the falls. I give them props for that because the weather was cold and the falling water was cold the day we were there.

Sombrio Beach Falls

Sombrio Beach Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaWe drove a compact car down the dirt road slowly and did just fine. There is a designated parking area. Then we took the .5 km tree-lined walk to the beach. When you are close to the beach there will be a sign that talks about camping to the right or left. If you go to the right, you get to go across a cool suspension bridge, then pass the camping spots to the beach. If you go to the left you go past camping sites and then reach the beach. This beach is very rocky and tough to walk in. Look for areas where other walkers have been to find a more stable path to walk on. Bring your hat and sunblock because you are in the direct sun. The falls are to the left along the beach, so that is the fastest path.

We passed the entrance to the hidden falls because we did not see it. We walked until the water level was up to the side of the cliff and you could not walk anymore. We thought the hidden waterfall might have been farther but with the water level, we could not get to it. On our walk back, Hunter spotted a stream coming down. We went over to check it out and saw a very narrow path in the trees. We followed the path to get out of the sun and sure enough, it was the correct path. A couple was coming down and said the hidden falls was up ahead and beautiful. We were lucky that no one was there when we arrived and we had an opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the falls and the green moss covered walls.

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park Falls

Sooke Potholes Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The road to the parking area was good. We followed behind a ~23 ft  RV that did just fine on the road. Parking was simple and the view of the falls was ~ 20 ft from the parking lot. There are “ruins” next to the parking lot, which are from a resort structure started in the 1980’s but never completed. There are several walking paths to get down to the potholes and falls. When we reached the bottom, we saw people in wetsuits swimming. Even a mother duck and her baby were swimming in the potholes.





Elk Falls Provincial Park

Elk Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada We traveled on the paved road to the parking lot. A visitor center, restrooms, and picnic tables were at the parking lot and trailhead. From the parking lot, we walked the 1.2 km over the bridge (water lines under) and through the tree-lined path to reach the viewing areas. There are multiple viewing spots of the 25-meter waterfall. It was incredible to see so much water gushing over the side. It would be a sight to see when the water company releases more water from the hydro-electric dam. If you’re not afraid of heights or steep drop-offs, you can walk down to a great viewing area with metal steps and a landing to see how far the water plunges. Next, to the landing, there is an awesome suspension bridge that allows you to look down to the river at the base of the waterfall.


Englishman River Falls

Englishman River Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The Englishman River falls have multiple falls at this location. The mains ones are called The Upper and The Lower Falls. The walking paths are through an old-growth and second-growth forest of douglas fir, cedar, hemlock, and maple trees. All along the path, there are spots to sit on a bench and enjoy the view. There were many people taking photographs of the falls from different angles (above, side, and below) with their tripods. If you enjoy taking waterfall photos, this park is a great location for it and plan to be there for many hours to capture it all.

Hole in the Wall Waterfall

Hole In The Wall Waterfall Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall is harder to find and get to than the others. There is no designated parking spot. Depending on your vehicle, you might want to park next to the main road. There are a lot of potholes and water puddles and tree branches that can scratch up your vehicle. Bring your hat and sunblock, the majority of the walk is on a dirt road in the sun. If you park near the road, as you walk down there is a wood plank sign very high in a tree that points to the right. Go down the road and come to a Y. Go to the right again and follow the main road. You will walk past a large turnout area. Stay on the main road. You will come to a tree that has a wood sign that says “The Hole in the Wall.” Go to the left down the hill and into the second growth trees. There is the hole through a shale cliff along the banks of Rogers Creek with water flowing through.

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Little Qualicum Falls Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada We traveled down a paved road to the designated parking lot. Restrooms and many picnic areas are available near the parking area. This park has an Upper and Lower Falls. The walking paths are lined with many trees since you are walking in a forest. Do you like bridges? This park has multiple bridges to cross over the water. Take a rest and enjoy listening to the water running down the falls.






More Beautiful Waterfalls on Vancouver Island, BC

There are more beautiful waterfalls that we came across while hiking. Either I could not find a name or information about them, so they did not get included. Do you have another favorite waterfall on Vancouver Island? Please comment below on the name and how to get there.


29 thoughts on “8 Beautiful Waterfalls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
  1. All of these look stunning, but Elk Falls is the most impressive (at least from your great photos). I’ve always wanted to take a hiking trip through B.C. and now it has moved up the ranks in my bucket list.

  2. Wow! I’ve lived on the island almost all my life and you guys have managed to find some waterfalls I’ve never seen (or heard of!). My personal favorites are Elk Falls and Englishman River Falls. My husband recommends Della Falls near Port Alberni. You have to take a boat across Great Central Lake and would need to camp for a night or two.

  3. I went to Vancouver over 20 years ago, but we didn’t get to Vancouver Island. Looks like we missed out. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. There is nothing quite as romantic as a good waterfall! That hole in the wall is pretty special, though the Elk and the Englishman would probably be at the top of my list.

    1. The hole in the wall was harder to get to and therefore fewer people around. It would be a romantic location for a picnic.

  5. I can’t beli how many falls there are all around. They are beautiful and all vary is shapes and sizes. Great pictures and information

  6. The pictures are beautiful! A great compilation of waterfalls to see in beautiful Vancouver! I want to visit each one of them!

    1. Gorgeous is a great word to describe Vancouver. The greenery was absolutely gorgeous.

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