The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

The Arabian Horse Show Scottsdale, Arizona Forever Sabbatical

An Arabian horse stands by the gate waiting its turn to trot around the arena. The crowd is excited for the next performance and cheer as the horse enters. The excitement from the environment was amazing when we attended the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 2022. Below we share a few tips for when you attend next year.



Lineup Arabian Horse, Forever Sabbatical

The show was held at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona. We were specifically in the Josie Pakula Sotheby’s Equidome Arena when we attended. It is an indoor building. I was unable to find this information out before we went. Therefore we dressed in layers in case it was an outside venue.

The restrooms were indoors with indoor plumbing.

Parking was free. They did have a valet. I admit parking was confusing. I found myself in not public parking multiple times. Follow the signs and ask for help.

Seating Tips


VIP seating must be purchased in June/July. I wrote to the ticket agency and they informed me the VIP section sells out in June and July before the event. Note the general seats are hard and folded down. I used a coat for back support.


You can purchase your tickets online from the main webpage. The seating chart is available and you can pick your seat location.


shopping Arabian Horse, Forever Sabbatical

There are many vendors for you to visit. If you are looking for clothing, food, or horse riding lessons, you can find them here.

Arabian Horse Competitions


Before you go download the schedule of events. We attended on a Saturday evening. The events included Arabian Western Pleasure Championship and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Mounted Native Costume Championship.

costume Arabian Horse, Forever Sabbatical

The announcer loves to encourage the audience to participate and cheer for the horses. Near the end of the evening, there was a section where a young horse was brought into the arena, let loose, music was played and the crowd was encouraged to cheer for the horse. I trust this was a way for new horses to get used to the sounds.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Arabian Horse Sign

This was a wonderful event. I enjoyed watching the beautiful horses show off their skills.

When you attend bring your camera to capture the image of the amazing horses.

Have you attended a horse show?

13 thoughts on “The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
  1. What a fun way to see the beautiful Arabian horses! The only horse shows I’ve seen are 4-H related, so I’ll have to branch out someday to visit a big one!

  2. The horses look so elegant! What a cool experience to see the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

  3. I am a horse person and visiting the Scottsdale’s Arabian Horse Show is a dream. I love going to horse shows.

  4. This looks like a fun way to see these beautiful horses! That’s a great tip about getting the tickets so early. So many things require booking a year or more out these days, and if you don’t know, you miss out!

  5. Arabians are so elegant! My daughter showed horses for many years…including Arabians…and I’ve attended many horse shows, watching her. They are so fun. She did the Arabian costumes too. She still has her ribbons and trophies.

    1. That is wonderful. It looks like it takes a lot of work to work with the horses and creating the costumes. Glad she had that experience.

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