Canyoneering Salome Canyon Arizona

Main Canyoneering Salome Canyon Arizona

Canyoneering is for those who love heights, tight spaces and fully emerging yourself in water. Salome Canyon in Arizona is a great place for sliding down water slides and repelling into pools of water. We will share a few photos of the area.


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Located North of Roosevelt Lake in Arizona in the Tonto National Forest. It is found within the Salome Wilderness Area. The trailhead is approximately 96 miles from the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport.

You can park at the trailhead and then hike in about 1.5 miles to the split. Head north to go up the canyon.

Canyoneering Gear

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  • You will get everything wet, therefore if you have a camera or anything that you do not want to get wet, bring a dry bag.
  • Bring plenty of drinking water
  • Have climbing rope for an approximately 50-foot waterfall unless you are comfortable jumping about 75 feet.
  • Harness or webbing
  • Belay/repel device
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  • Could bring a helmet
  • Could bring a wetsuit for cooler weather
  • Water shoes
  • Round water float to put your pack on as you swim through the pools or for you to rest on
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Once you have reached the canyon, head downstream through multiple water slides.

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There are many pools of water to swim through.

If the canyon is dry then our group will hike back out the 1.5 miles because it is usually too hot. If the water is running then have a wonderful time and once you reached the end, then you get to hike back up and out.

Canyoneering Salome Canyon Arizona

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For more details about Salome Canyon visit:

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38 thoughts on “Canyoneering Salome Canyon Arizona
  1. This is totally awesome! I LOVE canyons, and I have hiked in soo many canyons, but I have never actually done something like this. You have inspired me to try something new, and Salome Canyon looks great! 🙂

  2. This looks like such a fun adventure! I bet the water felt good in that Arizona heat!

  3. How fun! I didn’t realize we were so close to this place when we were boondocking at Apache Trail. My kids would love being able to slide down those rocks into the water. I’ll have to add this to our to-do list. 🙂

  4. At first, I thought that it sounds like something I might be afraid to do. After reading this and seeing the photos, I really want to add it to my list! I have the climbing gear and everything! Thanks for sharing this great place!

    1. That is great that you have the gear. Go with a guided group the first time to help feel more comfortable.

  5. I have never heard of this and it looks like so much fun. My daughter, in particular, would love to try this.

    1. Check out a few guides in areas that you are visiting and ask if they have that as an option.

  6. Arizona is on my dream list for a visit. I haven’t made it there yet. The canyons are absolutely beautiful! I’m not sure I’m coordinated enough to explore them the way you do. I admire your skill!

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