Celebrating National Grandparents Day with Hot Dogs

Celebrating National Grandparents Day with Hot Dogs forever sabbatical

Happy National Grandparents Day to everyone. We attended a National Grandparents Day festival with various outdoor entertainment options to enjoy.

Mask Painting

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Everyone was respectful of keeping distance and wearing masks. We had an opportunity to pant face masks. We were provided different types of facemasks, paintbrushes, and many colors of paint. I love being creative with paints. It was a challenge to decide what to paint. At first, I was going to paint a mouth and nose, thinking it was funny but then I thought it might look scary, which could come in handy around Halloween.

Inflatable Games Stations

There were four inflatable game stations. One was shooting basketball in a hoop. The second one had vertical holes on a sheet where you through balls in. Next was throwing balls at floating balls. This was a challenge because the floating balls were moving and harder to connect and knock down. The fourth game was swinging a bat at a floating ball.

Snow Cones

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Yum. Snow cones on a warm day are a cool relief. We choose from cherry and bubble gum. People were creative with their snow cones and combined the flavors to have different layers with different colors. I got my snow cone in a cup and glad I did as the kids that got it in a cone would drop theirs immediately. I felt safer with a cup.

Hot Dogs

Can’t go wrong with a great hot dog. You had condiment choices of onions, relish, ketchup, and mustard. It was nice to sit in the grass, relax, and enjoy the delicious hot dog.


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Popcorn, popcorn for everyone. I like to smell and taste of freshly made popcorn. There was a popcorn maker and they make the popcorn right in front of us. Then they shared the popcorn in large cups. This was a smart as many kids would run around and not drop as much.

Dunk Tank

For those with a great underhand or overhand pitch, this is your game. It was a warm day, so the person in the tank wanted people to hit the spot that would dunk him. It is fun to watch people who think they can pitch and miss. We did cheer loudly for those kids that were successful in dunking.

Celebrating National Grandparents Day

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Photo taken with Sony DSC-RX100 VI Camera

It was a nice day to be outside and celebrate grandparents. What is your favorite festival game?

We played with hula hoops on National Watermelon Day last year.

38 thoughts on “Celebrating National Grandparents Day with Hot Dogs
  1. I had no idea there were festivals to celebrate National Grandparent’s Day, but I love it. And the face mask painting is genius!

  2. What a fun way to celebrate National Grandparents Day. I know my dad would love to go to this with my kids. We will have to celebrate when we see them again.

  3. Fun. I have never seen any events for grandparents day where we’ve lived before. Grandparents are such a special part of our families what a great way to celebrate them.

    1. We agree, they would orignially do face painting and due to the current environment updated it to mask painting.

  4. That’s so fun that there was a Grandparents Day festival near you! I love snow cones, so that would be my first go-to!

  5. This looks like it was a great day to celebrate. I’m sure the whole family loves the games and the memories made.

    1. There were stories that we have started to share over and over again due to some running activites that took place.

  6. I was fortunate to attend this event. It was so much fun because I spent time with my amazing daughter. The hot dogs were awesome!

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