Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More Pools

Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More Pools

Encanterra Country Club Resort has 4 pools. They all have different purposes. Whether you are looking to relax or to exercise you will find a pool to enjoy at Encanterra Country Club Resort. Here are a few photographs from the 4 pools at Encanterra Country Club Resort.

Solaz pool

Solaz pool Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More PoolsSolaz is the largest pool at Encanterra Country Club Resort. It is the main pool where families can swim, BBQ, and play lawn games. It is heated in the winter and had fire features too. During the day, my favorite spot is to take a nap in one of the cabanas. The cushions are soft and there are many pillows. The staff from the restaurant/bar comes to check on you to see if you need a drink refill. No need to get up. The walk-in beach style entry makes you feel like you are at the beach without the sand. We would swim over to the negative edge and view the rolling green hills of the golf course. I like sitting in the spa in the evening and looking up at the stars. It was very romantic with the water features flowing and listening to the sounds of the waterfalls.

Indoor poolIndoor pool Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More Pools

The indoor pool was great for swimming laps without having the intense sun during the middle of the day in July. They have water aerobic equipment in a storage room for use. I can see the benefit of this pool to be heated for the winter. Then you would not have to go outside in the cold.

Outdoor lap pool

Outdoor lap pool Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More PoolsThe outdoor pool has designated lap lanes and was deep enough for me to do flip turns. After swimming we would lounge around on the many lounge chairs under the umbrellas and listen to the soothing music they played over the speakers. On Saturday, we got to play water volleyball in this pool. That was great fun. We got to meet many people and hear about their adventures.

The Algarve pool

Algarve Pool Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More PoolsThe Algarve pool is wonderful because it is adults only (18+) and there are no screaming children running around. It is a very relaxing environment. There are many lounge chairs and big shade umbrellas to sit under. The walk-in beach-like entry has multiple water features that add to the abidance. The facility has light music playing from rock speakers. There is live music for special events. There are a full-service restaurant and bar called Tapas. The staff comes to you to take your order and bring you your drinks and food. The pool is heated in the winter.

Encanterra Country Club Resort 4 Pools

There can never be too many pools at a resort. Which of the above pools would you find yourself at?

36 thoughts on “Encanterra Country Club Resort Swim Up Bar and More Pools
  1. All 4 pool are great if I had to pick one it would be the main one because I have grand children who enjoy really enjoy it

    1. Yes, it is a fun place to get some good exercise in. It is also heated in the winter.

  2. Catch me at the 18+ pool. Nothing more awesome then catching some rays- quietly and reading!

  3. Nice! I think the main pool looks great if the kids are with us and the adult pool if they are not! My daughter is a swimmer so I could see her actually using the lap pool – me not so much, I’m more of a floater!

    1. They host live music at the family and adult pools throughout the month. The live music adds to the great environment.

  4. I would use all of them. They all look fantastic. I could do laps in the two lap pools. I could use the family pool when the grandkids come to visit. And, I could hide away at Algarve pool to swim a little, then lounge and read! Spoiled to have that choice but I couldn’t choose just one!

  5. We always travel with our kids, but I would have to leave them at home for this one!! Sounds so relaxing.

  6. I love the lap pool it is quiet .
    The family pool is lovely when not too busy and has a Jacuzzi
    The Elgave is jus a bucket . too shallow!

    1. It is great that the lap pool has dividers. So no one swims into each other. 🙂

  7. FOUR pools! My swimming kids would be in heaven. 🙂 Sorry, maybe I missed it, where is this hotel located? We may have to plan a vacation there. 😉

    1. It is a resort community where you can use HomeAway or Airbnb to book a stay. It is located in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

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