The “Garth Guy” in the Arizona Desert

The _Garth Guy_ in the Arizona Desert

“Friends in Low Places” was the first country song that hooked me to listen to country music in the 1990s. This February we attended a tribute band for Garth Brooks. The band was called “Garth Guy.” “Garth Guy” is part of the Legends in Concert Las Vegas show.

Wristbands and Food TicketsThe Garth Guy in the Arizona Desert line

It was great that we were able to pick up our wristbands and food tickets a day in advance. This made the entrance to the event more efficient with shorter lines.

Weather and Time ChangeThe Garth Guy in the Arizona Desert outdoors

The concert was scheduled to be in the evening and outside, however with the cold weather, the time was moved up to the afternoon and move indoors. So that no one would freeze on the grass. I am glad the event was indoors because it was cold outside.

SeatingThe Garth Guy in the Arizona Desert Garth

The chairs were set up in a theater style. We found seats near the middle of the room and to the side. This allowed for us to stand up and dance in the aisle. There were so many wonderful songs to dance to. The crowd sang every line of every song with the band. Cell phones were out with flashlights on to imitated a lighter on slow songs.

BBQ Menu Right Off the GrillThe Garth Guy in the Arizona Desert food

The food menu was delicious with BBQ chicken, jalapeno cornbread, grilled corn on the cob, ranchero beans, and macaroni & cheese.

The “Garth Guy” in the Arizona DesertThe Garth Guy in the Arizona Desert stage

What tribute band have you seen in concert? Or what tribute band would you go see in concert?

30 thoughts on “The “Garth Guy” in the Arizona Desert
  1. I LOVE Garth Brooks! Love his music & anytime I can see him or someone who can sing like him…❤️❤️

  2. I was fortunate to also attend this cover band. So glad this event was moved inside. After collecting my food, I moved indoors. There were plenty of seats to choose from. I enjoyed the aisle seats because we were free to dance to our favorite songs. “The Garth Guy” was top notch. Both entertaining and great music.

  3. That would have been great to see. I’ve always loved Garth Brook’s music.
    I’ve never seen a tribute band.

  4. I love Garth Brooks! I haven’t made it to any concerts recently, but would love to go to one like you described! It sounds so fun and exciting! (And that food looks so yummy!!)

  5. Garth lover here too. One of the best tribute singers we’ve ever seen was Mike DelGuidice at Epcot! He sings tribute to Billy Joel, and even ended up touring with him.

  6. This looks like so much fun! I love listening to music live. It is just so much more meaningful to me!

  7. I love Garth but since I now live on a teeny tiny pension, I can’t afford his concerts. The Garth Guy would be a perfect way to get my fix of Garth songs!

  8. I’ve never been a country music fan but I like Garth Brooks. Friends in Low Places hooked me as well , then Thunder Rolls. Good times!

    1. Yes, Thunder Rolls is great. This tribute band placed the extra verse of that song.

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