Gingerbread House Build-Off Event

Gingerbread House Build-Off Eventmain

The Oh Snap! Gingerbread House Build-Off event in San Tan Valley was a fun outdoor experience. At this event, the attendees are the judges for the best Gingerbread House.

VIP Lunch for Gingerbread TeamsGingerbread House Build-Off Event Lunch (2)

The gingerbread teams ate special lunch before the public event. They had fruit, vegetables, lettuce salad, pasta salad, and sandwiches.Gingerbread House Build-Off Event Lunch (1)

CarolingGingerbread House Build-Off Event Caroling

The Goode Time Carolers treated us with many songs. They have over sixty-five-holiday songs memorized. Wow, that is a lot of songs.

Ugliest Christmas SweaterGingerbread House Build-Off Event Sweater

As we viewed this contest, my first thought was, “These are awesome cute sweaters and costumes.” The winner had a sports jacket with gingerbread characters on it and the words “Oh Snap” just like the name of the event. I did not think it was ugly, I thought it was cleaver.

Adult Hot Chocolate & EggnogGingerbread House Build-Off Event Hot choloate

To keep the attendees warms, the event had spiked with alcohol hot chocolate and eggnog.

S’moresGingerbread House Build-Off Event Smores

Two fire pits surrounded by chairs were set up for people to sit and roast their marshmallows. There was a table with stakes, many flavors of chocolate, many flavors for gram crackers and of course marshmallows.

Gingerbread Houses

Five teams of five people were provided with table and a gingerbread kit. The teams brought candy for decorating and the decorating materials. It was wonderful to see the creative designs from the teams. The number one prize was bragging rights!

Gingerbread House Build-Off Event houses (1)

Gingerbread House Build-Off Event houses (4)

Gingerbread House Build-Off Event houses (2)

Gingerbread House Build-Off Event houses (3)

Gingerbread House Build-Off EventGingerbread House Build-Off Event Villages

Do you have an ugly sweater that you would wear to an event?

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  1. This looks like it was a really festive and fun event! What a great idea for an event to be hosted by a destination.

  2. How fun! I haven’t heard of any gingerbread contests in my near area except Prescott. But this gave me an idea to start one in my neighborhood.

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