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What did you do on January 28, 2020? It was the National Plan Your Vacation Day. Did you take the time to plan a vacation? If not, don’t worry there is still time.

What is National Plan for Vacation Day?

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Provided by US Travel Association

National Plan for Vacation Day is celebrated on the last Tuesday in January. The goal of the day is to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the whole year at the start of the year. This intern will inspire them to use those days to travel the USA. American workers let 768 million vacation days go unused in 2018 (report US Travel Association).

I don’t know about you but Hunter and I love planning vacations. We have a large board that includes locations we would like to see within the next few months. Those locations get divided into seasons/months. Some of the locations would have snow during the winter and we like to avoid snow whenever possible.

Vacation Planning Tool

How many vacation days do you earn? Input the number of vacation days you earn and start planning!

Why Plan Now?

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“The beginning of the year is the time to pull out the calendar and start planning for the entire year. Before you know it, life happens, and you may find yourself in November with weeks left to use and simply not enough time left in the year to schedule them,” said Roger Dow, president, and CEO of U.S. Travel Association, the organization rallying the industry around this nationwide event. “National Plan for Vacation Day is the perfect reminder for Americans to plan to use those well-earned days off to explore this great nation. From the beaches of Puerto Rico to the Montana mountain tops, America truly has something for every travel style and budget.”

“Encouraging time off to travel benefits the U.S. economy, too, as Americans explore their backyard and see what our country has to offer”, reports US Travel Association. Hunter and I love to explore our backyard. We are very fortunate to live in Arizona and Arizona State Parks are full of activities. There are many state park locations in different habitats. We are creating memories by trying new activities such as birding and star gazing.   

Does a Vacation Day Make You Happy?

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Research shows that individuals who plan are more likely to use all of their time off, take more vacation days at once and report greater levels of happiness (report US Travel Association). I know when I spend a few days camping by a lake I feel rejuvenated. Putting the cell phone away and sitting in a comfortable chair roasting marshmallows calms me down. What calms you down?

What Motivates Americans to Use Vacation Time to Travel?

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The answers are what you’d expect: Americans are motivated to use their vacation time to travel if they are aiming to avoid burnout (28%), their friends or family ask them to come on a trip with them (23%) or the holidays are approaching (12%), reports US Travel Association. In the past, we have used our vacation days to go on a trip with the family. We like our family and enjoy spending time with them. The family will rent a cabin in the woods and spend a week playing games. There are lots of puzzles completed on the kitchen table and coffee table.

National Plan Your Vacation Day

If you missed January 28th, 2020 for planning your vacations, there is still time. Write down a few ideas after reading this blog and pick a few days in your calendar to explore your backyard. Where will you visit this year?

49 thoughts on “National Plan Your Vacation Day
  1. Who knew there was a national day dedicated to planning a vacation? I feel like I am always mentally planning one. 😉 I love all the stats you shared. It’s just proof we ALL need to vacation more often. 🙂

  2. I have a hard time convincing my husband that he needs to take his vacation days. I’m retired this year and really need the hubs to do a few trips with me. I’m going to show him this article!

  3. It is sad that Americans don’t always use their vacation days. I push my husband with this time off. My girls and I like to travel.

  4. I didn’t know there was a day. Cool! I’m always planning some kind of trip. I love going places!

  5. I LIVE to plan for vacations! There isn’t a time when I don’t have a trip in mind. Thinking about travel makes me the happiest.

  6. I always shake my head when people tell me they haven’t used all their vacation / PTO days. That has and will never happen to me. My bag is always packed!

  7. I never knew there was such a day-I love it. I think it should be a national holiday so we can all take the day off and plan!

  8. I love this planner because I am such a last-minute person. I really need something that makes me plan ahead!

  9. We were actually on vacation January 28th, so I wasn’t planning. But we do have some more vacations already in the works. Looking forward to see what adventures you go on.

  10. Planning your vacation at the beginning of the year is a great idea. We usually have vacation wishes that we never get to because we didn’t plan them into our year.

  11. More people should use every drop of their vacation time! So important to take a break.

  12. I do this every January. I add all my time, tentatively plan my vacations, and put it on the calendar. I never leave any days on the table. In fact, I may take a couple more than I get!

  13. Who knew this was a day? I thought every day was plan a vacation day! At least that is what I tell my husband! LOL!

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