Native Plant Trail at Lost Dutchman State Park

Native Plant Trail Lost Dutchman State Park, Forever sabbatical

Take a stroll on the Native Plant Trail at the Lost Dutchman State Park. Learn about local plants and animals. Or just enjoy the scenery.

Native Plant Trail

The Native Plant Trail is located next to the Visitor Center. There is parking to the north and west of the Visitor Center. Restrooms are also available at the Visitor Center. The trail is 1/4 of a mile. It is paved in some areas and dirt in the other areas. It is a flat hike. The path is wide and well-marked.


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As you wander through the path some signs share information, like this one, showing a pack rat nest.

There is a birdhouse and watering hole that many animals can be seen visiting in the early mornings and evenings. Here is where you find the list of local birds.

Desert Plants

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I get very excited to learn the names of plants. So when I see labels near trees I check them out. Before going on this walk you can prepare by visiting the parks desert plant list webpage.

Along the trail, you can see a cactus grow. Well, it does take time. There is a saguaro cactus with a measuring tape next to it. You can see the height of it over the years.

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Do you like learning about the terrain of an area? This was the first time that I had seen signs that talked about the landscapes. This sign describes what a wash is.

Arizona State Parks


For a list of Arizona State Parks –

To learn more about Lost Dutchman State Park –

Exploring the Native Plant Trail

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Whether you are looking to stroll through desert plants or wanting to learn about plants and birds, explore the Native Plant Trail at the Lost Dutchman State Park.

Interested in other trails at Lost Dutchman State Park? Check out The Treasure Loop Trail.

Have you been on a hike that identified the plants?

30 thoughts on “Native Plant Trail at Lost Dutchman State Park
  1. I like reading signposts along the way. It’s interesting to find out more about the plants and wildlife in the area.

  2. What a cool state park! I’ve always wanted to see a saguaro cactus in person. They look fascinating. I hope to get back to Arizona soon!

  3. I hope it wasn’t too hot when you visited. I love exploring all the wonderful trails through the states. The cacti are amazing

  4. The cactus is huge. I need to lookup a pack rat nest. I have never heard of it before.

  5. Looks like a great park to explore. I love when the parks include signage so I can learn as I walk.

  6. The thing that struck me most is that a pack rat is a real thing! lol I have never heard of this park even though Arizona is “nextdoor” to my state (California). Just a thought–it would be helpful to know what state this is in closer to the top of the blog post. 🙂 I wasn’t sure where this was until I got to the bottom. Looks like you had a great time and as a native plant fan, I hope I can travel there someday. 🙂

  7. This is interesting – I live in Gilbert and didn’t even realize there was a Native Plant Trail or state park. I enjoy learning about flora and fauna, so will be checking this out soon. Thanks for sharing!

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