Release Pool Party Talking Stick Resort

DJ Release pool party

What to do in Arizona when it is 107oF at 11 am? You attend a DJ release party at a big swimming pool. That is what I did in June 2016. I had won a pair of tickets to the Audien release pool party at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona from a local radio station. When I arrived at around 11 am to the location, my vehicle said the temperature outside was 107oF. It would be a hot day. I arrived right after they opened the doors and that was a very smart thing to do because I had every chair to choose from. Well, almost every chair. They had lounge chairs under umbrellas, table and chairs under umbrellas, cabanas, and a lot of chairs and lounge chairs without shade. A DJ had already started the music which was at a great volume, where it was not too loud to speak over but loud enough to be heard. The security and EMT staff inside the event were nice. When I asked how long the event went for they said about 6 pm. Here are a few tips.

What to bring

  • A big brim hat – This is very helpful for either walking to the restroom or stage Photo 1if you get a chair without an umbrella
  • Lots of sunblock – Very important to reapply each time you get out of the water after cooling off
  • Camera – For taking photos of you with your friends and photos of the DJ’s. If it is not waterproof then bring a zip-lock type bag to put it in
  • Flip flops or sandals – The ground is very hot when walking to the pool or restroom
  • Your ID – This event was 21 years old and above only

What not to bring

  • Sealed bottled water – My bag was searched when I arrived. They said no water bottles even if they were sealed. They stated that water bottles were everywhere inside for free. I don’t know if that is the same for all the release parties or because that day was expected to be in the 110’soF
  • Towel – I did bring my own towel and did not need to. I was there when they opened and there was a clean towel on every chair


pool area photo 2       

  • Arrive when it opens and find a lounge chair under a huge umbrella. I choose a spot with a direct view of the stage. I was very lucky because this spot also had a tub filled with ice and water bottles within 5 steps from my lounge chair.
  • Bring money for food and drinks
  • Watch out for the showers. I thought the interesting design of the showers was also decoration, which they were. What I did not know was that they activated automatically when you walked under them, instead of turning on a nozzle. I found this out while walking to the restroom and walked under one. Good thing I was in my swimsuit.
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