A Spa Scavenger Hunt

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A spa scavenger hunt and mimosas is a clever combination, one that I could not pass up. When I received the invite to the scavenger hunt, I was in. Then I learned that it was taking place at a Spa. Then I knew the adventure would not be any ordinary scavenger hunt.

The Game Cardgame card Spa Scavenger Hunt

I arrive a few minutes before the event started and there was a long line to get in. Many of the people in line were excited to see the new products that the Spa would be highlighting that day. Then the doors were opened and we were greeted as we went in. Each person received a game card with 8 locations to visit. At each location, we had a representative sign our card.

Activewearactive wear Spa Scavenger Hunt

There were many brands that are recognizable like Lululemon. Amazing prices and discounts for the event. Many participants were trying on all the different outfits, such as the workout pants and cute tops.

Clothingclothing Spa Scavenger Hunt

This area was for clothing to wear to a lunch date or casual, yet classy dinner wear. There were sweaters, blouses, long flowing skirts and more.

Nail RoomNails Spa Scavenger Hunt

Do you like pedicures? I sure do. In the nail room, they shared the current month’s scents and lotions for the pedicures. We also got a sneak peek of February’s flavors. They smelled so good that a lady next to me asked if she could eat it. The representative giggled and said better not. FYI – it was strawberry.

Skinceuticalsface care Spa Scavenger Hunt

This booth was neat. We put our faces in a round container with white light and then the representative changed the light to a neon light. She was able to look through the opposite side of the container and point out dry areas on our face and areas that are prone to blockages. It was very fascinating.

Farmhouse Freshbody care Spa Scavenger Hunt

Skincare with a product called Farmhouse Fresh. We smelled the different fragrances of the different products. The representative shared with us how to use the product. For example, she shared with us if it goes on our face or if it goes on our arms.

Jewelryjewlery Spa Scavenger Hunt

Earrings, necklaces, to bracelets, they were there. The creativity of designs always impresses me.

Couples MassagesMassages Spa Scavenger Hunt

The Spa showed us the couple’s massage room. They are running specials for the Valentines season.

Mimosasdirectional sign Spa Scavenger Hunt

An amazing Spa Mimosa Bar was set up in one of the outdoor massage rooms. There were multiple variations of mimosas to choose from and a variety of cookies.

Mimosas Spa Scavenger Hunt

cookies Spa Scavenger Hunt

A Spa Scavenger Hunt

Once you completed your game card you got to turn it in for a chance to win prizes. There was a representative there reminding people to include their name and contact information on it. Otherwise, they would not know who to call.

Have you been on a spa scavenger hunt? Was it an urban or rural hunt, maybe a scavenger hunt in a mall?

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  1. What a fun activity! I’ve done scavenger hunts with the kids at various places, but never a spa. We did a photo one at a resort one year that was really fun.

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