Studio 54 Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Studio 54 Themed New Year’s Eve Party forever sabbatical main

Studio 54 in the 1970s was this year’s theme at Encanterra Country Club. You might remember last year’s theme of the 1930s. We did not know that they could put on a better party and yet Encanterra did. People were dressed up in leisure suits, platform shoes, sequin dresses, and more. I appreciate the effort people put into creating their outrageous costumes. Now, let’s get into the festivities.

Preparing for the Night


Many people either created or ordered their costumes. This year, I dressed up as a roller skater. This meant searching for roller skates in my shoe size for 4 months. When I did find them about 3 weeks before the event, I decided it was best to practice skating 1 week in advance, which was good that I did practice. The week before the event, we were able to pick up the wristbands. This helped speed up the line to get into the event. While we were in the shorter line to get into the venue, a representative handed out a map of the event. This was so helpful to know where the different food locations were at!

Entrance and Coat Check


As we entered, there was a photographer taking everyone’s photo in front of a big Studio 54 themed backdrop. Then we walk into the coat check area. The staff provided us with a ticket as we handed them our coats. In my case, I also handed them a pair of shoes, in case I needed to change out of my roller skates.

1970’s TV, Movies and Karaoke

One of the rooms was designated as the Karaoke room. It was decorated with 1970’s movie posters. There were many TV screens around the room with 1970’s TV shows on them, such as The Brady Bunch, The Jefferson’s, and All in The Family. This location had 1970’s themed foods like pigs in the blanket and hamburger helper.

Casino Halls

There were two casino halls. The first one was indoors with a live performance of the Uptown Angels. You might remember them from the last New Year’s event. This year they did Charlie’s Angels-themed performance. The second casino hall was outside with lots of space heaters. It was very nice to have 2 locations because last year it was very crowded. Last year we had to wait in line to get a seat at a casino table. This year there were plenty of seats and everyone had a great time.

Studio 54

The main ballroom was transformed into Studio 54. A DJ was playing 1970’s music, people on the dance floor grooving, and there was a dessert table. This is where they had a Champaign toast and a balloon drop at midnight.

2nd Dance Floor


The 2nd dance floor was my favorite location. Let me share with you why. It was located outside within a tented canopy. The DJ music from the main Studio 54 was also playing in here. There was a big wooden dance floor that allowed me to roller skate in circles as if I was at a skating rink. Also, in this room there were lots of disco lights and a shorter line to a bartender.

Food Stations

At all the seafood stations had amazing ice sculptures. There was shrimp, snow crab legs and oysters.

There were various carving stations placed around the Club serving treats such as ham, turkey, steamship rounds, and beef. 


Many dessert tables with a variety of pastries were in many rooms. One of my favorite stations was the ice cream with either hot cherries or hot bananas with cinnamon. I asked if I could have both cherries and bananas on my ice cream and they said, “Of course you can.” Yum!

Studio 54 Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Bringing in 2020 with a Studio 54 themed party was fantastic. I enjoyed getting dressed up and yes, I was able to keep the skates on all night! The staff and venue did such a great job. I am excited to learn what theme they will choose for next year.

What theme would you suggest?

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  1. That is so fun for a new years. What a great theme too. Great music in the 70’s. Kind of feels we are living back in the 70’s in the USA these days with all the political chaos.

  2. This is such a great theme for a party. It looks like a lot of fun. I can’t even remember the last time I went roller skating.

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