Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Small Town’s Holiday Festivities

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Small Town’s Holiday Festivities

When visiting a small town during the holidays find out when and where the holiday festivities will be taking place and join in. You might get to experience something new and different.

#5 Holiday ParadeHoliday Festivities Holiday Parade

Decorated motorcycles and golf carts honk and play music as they drive down the street. Neighbors and visitors exit their homes to wave to the passing parade members. Mr. and Mrs. Claus lead the way.Holiday Festivities Holiday Parade 2

#4 Christmas StrollHoliday Festivities Christmas Stroll

Join the walkers while singing carols and dress in festive outfits. Do you have that favorite ugly sweater? Maybe you have a stylish garb that you are excited to wear.

#3 MusicHoliday Festivities Music DJ

If you like dancing then head on over to the dance floor and rock to your heart’s content with the sounds from of DJ.

Maybe holiday carols are more your pace. Then join in with the Sing-a-long Holiday Carols.Holiday Festivities Music carol

#2 FoodHoliday Festivities Hot coco station

Drinking hot chocolate and coffee keep your insides warm during those cooler days. Bonus – the cup keeps your hands warm too.

Holiday Festivities DessertsDesserts – Chocolate brownies to decorated sugar cookies. The creativity of people amazes me.Holiday Festivities Desserts 2

#1 Camaraderie

Meeting new people and sharing stories is a wonderful way to build camaraderie.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Town’s Holiday FestivitiesHoliday Festivities Hot coco fire

What is your favorite holiday activity at your local town event?

30 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Small Town’s Holiday Festivities
  1. It is so wonderful to see communities come together for the holidays. Food and music, it doesn’t get better than that. Happy Holidays to everyone!

  2. Small towns have the best celebrations. There is always something weird to look at and think about. LOL.

  3. I love this! We attended a local craft fair in AZ over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was fabulous! Small towns are the best!

    1. Craft fairs are great. We love viewing the creativity that people come up with. Which town did you get to visit?

  4. I’m always in it for the food to be honest. I love finding new treats. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see everyone out, but finding new tastes is my goal.

    1. That is a very clever way to discover new treats because you get to taste them and then decide if you want to make them. Very smart.

  5. I live in a town of just over 10,000 people and we love to attend the events that happen here. We are always involved in the Christmas parade. Its great to see all the people and our town come together.

  6. So fun! I love visiting festivals in other towns. Our town has a very cool First Friday event the first Friday of every month. Each month has a different theme but they are all fun and a great way to enjoy the downtown area.

    1. It is great that your town does a First Friday event of the month and that the theme changes. Sounds like it brings the community together.

  7. I try to take part in the holiday activities around town. One of my favorites is getting together with friends and we would take a walk ( this is a group of walkers that I hang around with.) and see the Christmas decorations. After our walk, we would meet back up at our cars, and have hot chocolate and cookies. I suppose this starting and ending spot can be someone’s house.

  8. I love big cities, BUT it is also nice to check out events in smaller towns. It is more charming and definitely less crowded! We recently went to a really nice lights display in a beautiful park tucked away in a neighborhood. Most people wouldn’t go out of their way to find it and miss out!

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