Trees for Charity

Trees for Charity Forever sabbatical

Trees for Charity is the fundraising event for the Boys and Girls Club of Queen Creek, Arizona. Shea Homes Builder of Encanterra in San Tan Valley, Arizona was the host of the event. The presentation was very well done. Shea Homes have multiple new construction model homes at Encanterra which helped with the placement of the beautifully decorated trees.

Getting Started

We entered the welcome center to learn about the event festivities. The representative shared with us which house models had a decorated tree. We learned that after you view the 5 trees, we get to come back to the welcome center, where we would donate $10 for a raffle ticket. With the raffle ticket in hand, you get to go over to the 5 bags with each tree labeled on the front. You find the bag with the tree you would like to win and place your raffle ticket in that bag. Nice and simple. Yes, you get to win the tree with all the decorations.

The Trees for Charity Tour


Next, we started on the tour. It was fun finding the trees in each model home. Each tree was donated from a local business. The business was able to decorate the tree with items that represented their business. For example, a brewery decorated their tree with ornaments that had hop seeds. Another business that sells olive oil took sample size olive oil containers and turned them into ornaments. Very cute.

The Wrap Up

This was a 2-day event and we attended on the 1st day. All the trees were decorated very well. It will be fun to find out how the winners get to transport their winning tree? What do you think? Will the winner take off all the ornaments and then tie the tree to the top of their car?

Trees for Charity


If you are thinking of a clever way to raise funds for a local charity, I suggest trying this event for next year. A bonus item included hot chocolate at the welcome center. 

28 thoughts on “Trees for Charity
  1. What a nice idea for a fundraiser. I’m sure it was fun looking at the model homes and for the winners, it was even nicer.

  2. We have a festival of the trees event where people decorate trees in honor of someone who has passed away. The trees sale for thousands of dollars to go towards charities. They are the most beautiful trees and they also charge to enter the event so they make a lot of money. We went last year and it was worth the entrance fee because there were hundreds of amazing trees to look at.

  3. We attend something very similar to this. We have such a great time, and it is an excellent way for charities to make some money.

  4. They do this here in my town outdoors and they raise great money for a great cause! Bonus they are beautiful way to dress up the town.

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