102.5 KNIX Unleashes Country Magic: Inside the Secret Show #14

102.5 KNIX Unleashes Country Magic Inside the Secret Show #14 Forever Sabbatical

The Mysterious Country Artist

As the sun set over Tempe, Arizona, on Thursday, September 21st, 102.5 KNIX country music fans from across the state gathered in anticipation. The Marquee Theatre, located at 730 N Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85288, was the chosen stage for an unforgettable evening. Limited parking at the venue didn’t deter the eager concert-goers, as additional parking options were available nearby.

102.5 KNIX Ticket

Two days before the big event, I received a life-changing call from none other than Double L, a beloved radio host at 102.5 KNIX. The news? Two tickets to the secret show, along with coveted front-of-the-line passes courtesy of Smartwater. An email swiftly followed, instructing us to be at the KNIX booth outside the theatre by 5:15 pm for a special meet-and-greet with Double L.

A Tale of Two Lines: General Public vs. VIP Entrance

As the evening drew near, fans arrived at The Marquee Theatre to find two distinct lines. One, stretching far into the distance, was for the general public. The other, for VIP ticket holders, led to the coveted 2nd level seating. The main floor, reserved for those who preferred a standing-room-only experience, promised proximity to the stage that couldn’t be beaten.

A Night to Remember

Promptly at 5:15 pm, I checked in at the KNIX booth. By 5:30 pm, we were whisked to the front of the VIP line and ushered into a foyer area. Identification checked, wristbands secured, and hearts pounding, we stood at the threshold of a magical evening. A walk to the stage area allowed us to stake out the perfect spot. As the doors opened for the general public, the rush was palpable. I was grateful to have secured our spot right at the front.

102.5 KNIX Legacy of Stars

The Secret Show has a storied history, featuring some of country music’s biggest names. Past performers like Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker, Jake Owen, Justin Moore, Dustin Lynch, Chris Young, Brad Paisley, Old Dominion, Lady A, Kane Brown, Morgan Wallen, Cole Swindell, and Dan + Shay have graced this very stage. It was clear that the bar was set high for the night.

A Stellar Opening Act

Dalton Dover, a gifted singer-songwriter, had the honor of warming up the crowd. Armed with his guitar and accompanied by another talented guitarist, he serenaded the audience with soulful melodies and impeccable vocals. It was the perfect prelude to the main event.

The Big Reveal

Then, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. The secret artist was none other than the electrifying Sam Hunt. Backed by a full band, including two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer, Sam brought the stage to life. He seamlessly transitioned between singing and playing the guitar, all while infusing the crowd with his contagious energy. At one point, he ventured into the crowd, giving out high fives and making the night even more unforgettable. Loved hearing his songs: House Party, Body Like a Back road, and Break Up In A Small Town.

102.5 KNIX Country Bliss

venue 102.5 KNIX forever sabbatical

In the end, this secret show delivered on its promise of mystery and magic. Thanks to 102.5 KNIX Arizona Country Station, I experienced a night of dancing, singing, and unforgettable moments. As I eagerly look forward to the next concert, it’s clear that the magic of country music lives on, and who knows what surprises await in the future.

Who is a singer that you would enjoy hearing live?

18 thoughts on “102.5 KNIX Unleashes Country Magic: Inside the Secret Show #14
  1. How cool is the Knix Secret Show! Our family, mostly my husband, is a huge country music fan and this would be right up his alley. How fun!

  2. How fun! I’m not a huge concert goer, so I didn’t realize there were secret shows like this one through 102.5 Knix.

    1. It is fun to find smaller concerts where there are only a few hundred peoples vs thousands of people.

  3. This secret show put on by KNIX sounds like it was a blast! I haven’t been to anything like this before, but I think I would love it!

  4. What a fun night! I love going to see live music, and it sounds like Sam Hunt puts on a good show. It looks like a good time!

  5. Wow! You really did receive VIP treatment. I like the idea of a mystery show, and not being sure who might be up there on stage!

  6. This looks like such fun! I haven’t really been to a concert since before COVID but I have one this weekend and, to be honest, I’m nervous!

  7. How cool! I didn’t realize that people did secret shows. I think it would be fun to find something like this to attend! I hope you had a grand time!

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