5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure

5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure tree stands

There are 30 zip lines within the 3 zip line course. The zip lines are suspended 15 – 80 feet high. With the highest tree stand platform over 70 feet above the ground. All surrounded by Ponderosa Pines. Here are 5 tips for Arizona zip line adventure.

5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure 3 Courses

Tip # 1 Register In Advance

We registered online for a time slot. I am glad we did because it is a very busy place. If you arrive without a set time, then you might have to wait a few hours before you can jump in. For safety reasons they only allow so many people, each 30 min start time.

5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure 3 Courses Ladders

Tip # 2 Shoes for Ladders

You will defiantly want closed toe shoes. At the start of each of the 3 zip line courses, there is a ladder. Even though it looks easy to climb up and you are tied into the safety line, the ladders were the more challenging part for me and good shoes helped.

5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure Tree pad

Tip # 3 Water

No matter what time of year it is in Arizona, you should be drinking water. There are water stations at the end of the courses. We brought our water pack in a hiking backpack. The hiking backpack made it simple because we always had water when we were up in the trees. The backpack was not a hindrance for the zip lines cords.

Tip # 4 Learn History

On each tree platform for the next zip line, there is a sign with a fact. The facts are about Flagstaff and the adventure course. It is fun to learn the history of the area while climbing in the trees.

5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure 3 Courses the plank

Tip # 5 Bring Your Guts/Grit/Courage/Bravery

This is not an activity for those who are afraid of heights. Since it is a self-guided course, you are on your own to zip from tree to tree. You also get to “Walk the Plank” at the end of 2 of the courses. You get to swing out or just drop down from the tree. Many people must swing out because the nearby trees have large pads on them. Not sure if the pad is to protect the human from getting hurt by the tree or to protect the tree from the humans.

Arizona Zip Line Adventure

Have you ever been on a zip line? Would you try a zip line?

19 thoughts on “5 Tips for Arizona Zip Line Adventure
  1. This looks like fun! It has been a while since I have been to Flagstaff. You reminded me that I need to plan another trip there.

  2. We are planning on visiting Arizona and I am so glad I came across this! Great tips, and helpful information! Thanks!!!

  3. We’re in Phoenix and my daughter lives in Flagstaff. We’ve never actually tried the zip lines though. We might have to look into it the next time we’re up there.

  4. Looks fun. I’ve never been to Arizona, but if I ever get out that way, I’m going to have to try this out.

    1. Thier website says, “Participants ages 12-15 must be accompanied by an Adult (18+) 1 Adult can accompany up to 3 junior participants”

  5. This is awesome! Had no idea you could do this in AZ!!! This would make a great experience present, haha!

  6. Zip lines have become so popular. Did you have to climb up ladders or to great heights to start? I am not a fan of heights so I always try to do my research before we go, we love to post about our travels too

  7. Ohy! This looks so fun and SCARY! Our town just installed a zipline over the Erie Canal. I hope to try it out before the end of the season!!

  8. My family has done 2 adventure obstacle courses. 1 in Vermont and 1 in New Hampshire. We really enjoyed the 1 in New Hampshire because like this one there were 5 courses you progressed through. It was also out in the trees and we really loved that part of it. This course looks really great too.

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