Adventures at Bearizona

Adventures at Bearizona Entrence

Adventures at Bearizona wht bison

Our adventures at Bearizona started from the comfort of our truck seats. We viewed bears and bison within a few feet of our window.
Adventures at Bearizona rain deer

Where is Bearizona

Bearizona is located in Williams, Arizona. It is a drive-thru wildlife park. Friends recommended Bearizona to us for the beauty of the animals. I am grateful we did visit because of the wonderful experience we had.

Adventures at Bearizona Bears

Best Time of Day to Visit

We recommend you visit first thing in the morning when the animals are most active. We visited in August and arrived when they first opened. It was cooler in the morning and the animals were out walking around. We were also fortunate to see so many animal babies. They are so cute. We are allowed to drive through each area as many times as you want.

Adventures at Bearizona Cubs

Animal Safety

When you are driving through the bear and wolves areas – the park has you wind up your windows, lock your doors and stay in your vehicle. Reportedly if you stop your vehicle, the animals are known to climb on top of the cars.

Adventures at Bearizona baby mnt goat

Open Windows

In the other areas like the bison, bighorn sheep, and deer, we could have our windows down. It was amazing how close you are to the animals.

Adventures at Bearizona fox

Walking Park

There is a walking section of the park that has a wide variety of animals to see, such as, bobcats, javelina, fox, jaguar, and otters. There is also a petting section where you can see chickens and goats.

Adventures at Bearizona Jaguar

Bearizona Animals

What is your favorite animal at a wildlife park?

25 thoughts on “Adventures at Bearizona
  1. So many of my friends have gone here. I cant believe I have lived in AZ for 30+ yrs & never been. Its now on the bucket list! Thx for sharing!!

  2. My favorite animals in the wild park is the tiger in the bear I love Arizona adventures so much to see in Arizona from the desert to the mountain I enjoyed that website very much So many places to go see thank you

  3. The adventure looks amazing. Being able to drive thru is an additional bonus. We are seniors and enjoy seeing new areas with out having to walk the entire time. Tks for the suggestion.

  4. I live in Arizona and I have never been to Bearizona! I think I need to change that. You got some great photos of the animals!

  5. Oh my goodness, those pictures are killin’ me. I love the baby bears! And also can’t imagine momma sitting on my car. I’ll keep driving, thank you.

  6. What a fun place to visit. The bears are so cute. I wish I could reach and and pet one, sigh. These are fun types of places to visit as the animals are not behind bars.

  7. I love that you can get so close to the animals. Next time we are in Arizona we will have to add this to our list of things to do.

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