Appetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley

Appetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley

Whether you are visiting the San Tan Valley or already live there, check out the local restaurants for cooking demonstrations to learn about local foods and trends. That is what we did in September. We registered to attend an appetizer cooking demonstration event in San Tan Valley. Not only did we learning how to prepare appetizers, but we also tasted them!

Chef MarioAppetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley Chef

Chef Mario is the Executive Chef at Encanterra. He seams passionate about the quality of ingredients that he uses in his meal preparation. When attendees asked questions about the tuna, for example, he gave many tips for choosing a good tasting tuna. His creativity when it comes to choosing the appetizers for the demonstration was diverse. It seemed like he was creating art with the food and that makes for great photos.

AtmosphereAppetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley Room set up

The building the cooking demonstration event took place in was large and had a huge kitchen area with lots of counter space. Its name is La Cocina (The kitchen). Chef Mario was in the stove area at the front of the room. We, the attendees, had chairs lined up in rows for us to watch as he prepared the appetizers. When we arrived there were documents on each chair. The documents contained the ingredients and the recipes for three appetizers.

Featured MenuAppetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley Tuna poke

The first appetizer was the Ahi Tuna Poke. Chef Mario had the following measured ingredients in containers on the counter: avocado, scallions, radish, cilantro, sesame seeds, ponzu, cilantro, and wonton chips. He put on a great show by explaining cut sized and temperatures of the ingredients.

Appetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley ShrimpThe seared prawns were made with garlic, white wine, butter sauce, and charred lemon. Chef Mario made the cooking process look very simple. I will see how simple it is when I try the receipt at home.

Appetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley JapinosThe third appetizer was the jalapeño and cheese fritter. Although he did not show us how to make this appetizer, we did get to sample it. They were made with cream cheese and chipotle aioli.

Appetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley

Have you taken a class or attended a cooking event when you went on a vacation? If yes, what was the type of food?

22 thoughts on “Appetizer Cooking Demonstration Event in San Tan Valley
  1. I can live vicariously through you. I can not ever go to these as they always have shellfish but I so want to!

  2. Fun! I love appetizers – it’s my preferred way to enjoy dinner. I think cooking classes and demonstrations are tons of fun. We haven’t done one on vacation yet, but it’s just a matter of time!

  3. Appetizers are always the best part of a party and meal in my opinion. I could do a whole dinner based on apps! So fun that you learned to make them and then ate them!

  4. Those shrimp! They sure look delicious!! This looks like a fun time and I’ll have to find a food demonstration to check out for myself. Thanks!

  5. I love cooking classes! We did a Salsa & Salsa class in Mexico — we learned how to make different salsas and learned to salsa dance. So fun!

  6. I am trying to figure out how you char a lemon and I am intrigued!! I dig cooking demonstrations. A close friend of mine is a chef by trade and I just love when she prepares our meals at her house. It’s like my own private demo!

  7. My husband would love to do this. We went on a food tour in Old San Juan, but it was mainly a tasting tour—we didn’t make anything.

  8. The food is a visual delight. How were the aromas? The room must have smelt heavenly. Often the smells are part of the experience.

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