Arizona Summer Dive-in Movie

Arizona Summer Dive-in Movie

At the end of September, the daytime temperatures are still in the 100’s Fahrenheit. So, a water activity is welcomed. There are many locations in Arizona where you can participate in a Dive in Movie. This was our first Dive-in the movie experience. The featured film was “Back to the Future.”


Pool gates opened at 6 pm. People found lounge chairs or put their floaties in the water. The movie screen was set up at one end of the pool, allowing for maximum use of the pool area for floaters. They used the pool system speakers, so it was easy to hear from any location. Everyone was ready for the 1980s sci-fi classic that started after the sunset.

ConcessionsArizona Summer Dive-in Movie food

The concession stand was open with refreshments such as Pretzel and Cheese Sauce, Chips and Cheese Sauce, Frozen Snickers, Ice Cream Novelty and the McFly Burger. The hamburger had a cute name based on the movie theme. It was made with cheddar cheese, bread and butter pickles, shredded lettuce, red onion, and of course McFly sauce.

What to BringArizona Summer Dive-in Movie towels

Bring your suit, towel, pool floats, then sit back and enjoy the movie! Seating around the pool was available if you did not wish to go in the pool. We found ourselves starting in the pool and then sitting in the hot tub because the jets felt great on our backs.

Prizes and GiveawaysArizona Summer Dive-in Movie prizes

There were movie-themed prizes. The facility handed out raffle tickets when you entered the pool. Before the movie started, they read off the winning ticket numbers, so people would have the snacks in time for the movie.

Summer Dive-in MovieArizona Summer Dive-in Movie Screen

Have you attended a Dive in Movie? If yes, what was it?

15 thoughts on “Arizona Summer Dive-in Movie
  1. I loved going to drive in when i was little. I miss them. A “dive in” would be a blast!! Tha ks for sharing!

  2. Yes I attend the drive-in movie before I love it is good for the family events and for all ages especially around the pool and in that beautiful place we live at thank you so much for sharing this information

  3. Fun! I love that they had concessions and prizes. We’ve done a few of these while on vacation and it’s such a great twist on movie night.

  4. Oh my! This is right up my alley! Love the idea of lounge chairs by the pool with a movie! And wearing a bathing suit will help me to refrain from all of the goodies! lol

  5. It’s been years since I’ve done a dive in – and even then it was at a friend’s house – but it was so much fun! I found the whole night to be really relaxing.

  6. I really enjoyed Reading about the drive-in movie I also became very hungry with a list of food that was offered

  7. I remember going to the drive in all the time when I was younger. Thankfully there are still a couple open around me!
    p.s. Now I want a soft pretzel! 😉

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