Arizona Coyotes Hockey Opening Night


When you are visiting a city, do you attend a local sporting event? We did. We attended the Arizona Coyotes Hockey opening night game in October.

TransportationBus_Arizona_Coyotes Hockey Forever_sabbatical

There are many options for transportation these days to get to a sporting event. We choose to take a bus to the Gila River Arena. The bonus for taking a bus included not having to deal with finding a parking spot. I actually slept on the ride there and back. It was great.Bus_inside_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbatical

Red Carpet Pre-Game PartyBus_inside_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbatical

The bus delivered us about an hour early. Westgate has a large center surrounded by restaurants and the arena. Outside of the hockey arena there were additional food trucks. They set up a red carpet for people to walk down to enter the arena. There was live music and a large Arizona Coyote blowup to take your selfies at.Den_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbaticalPreparty_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbatical

All-You-Can-Eat SeatsFood_ticket_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbatical

There is a table in the area where you show your ticket and the representative will put a wristband on you. This allows you to show your wristband to receive the food and drinks. We were in the all you can eat seats which included unlimited access to Pepsi products, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and water. You get to pick up to 4 items at a time and they provide a tray to carry it all on. This was the way to go on price especially if you like to purchase food and drinks at a game.Food_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbatical

Arizona vs. Anaheim Hockey Game

When we found our seats, there were mini towels with the Arizona Coyotes Hockey logo at each seat. The game started at 6pm with the introduction of the team members and the national anthem. It lasted a few hours and ended with a loss of 0-1.

Arizona Coyotes Hockey Opening Night Arena_Arizona_Coyotes_Hockey_Forever_sabbatical

We highly recommend reserving the All-You-Can-Eat Seats. Have you attended a sporting event while traveling? If yes, what sport was it?

6 thoughts on “Arizona Coyotes Hockey Opening Night
  1. Looks like a fun place to watch hockey! I am from Minnesota, so I sometimes forget that warm weather states like hockey, too. (Plus a lot of Minnesotans live down there in the winter. 🙂 ) I like the idea of the all you can eat wrist band…concession prices really add up!

  2. I love going to games in other cities. Gives one a sense of their sports fans. Looks like a blast at the hockey game

  3. Sounds like fun – and the all you can eat is a great option. Seems like we always end up buying at least popcorn and drinks at games and they are so expensive!!!

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