Albesila: Architects of Air at Mesa, Arizona

Albesila_ Architects of Air Mesa, Arizona Pioneer Park

Albesila: Architects of Air was hosted at Mesa, Arizona Pioneer Park. This structure is made with colored plastics. Air fills the walls like a large jumping castle. However, there is no bouncing off the walls aloud. The floor is plastic and flat.

No Shoes

sitting Albesila, Forever sabbatical

Outside the entrance is a sitting area to remove your shoes. There is a shoe station to place your shoes for when you return. For those who can’t take off their shoes, there are shoe coverings. Since the floor is plastic, I suggest you do not wear high heels or your baseball cleats. Tip: if you have thick slipper socks, wear them.

Day and Night Lights

We attended during the day and the sunlight beamed in through the colored walls. There were outdoor lights set up for the evening crowd to receive a similar effect.

Map of Albesila

You receive a map prior to entering. Note the star shapes on the map help you to determine where you are in the maze, as the star shapes are located on the ceiling.

Music and Colors

Feel free to find a bubble of your favorite color, sit down and enjoy the ambiance music. Here are many photos of this colorful experience.

Colors 2 Albesila, Forever sabbatical

Colors 4 Albesila, Forever sabbatical

Albesila: Architects of Air at Mesa, Arizona Pioneer Park

Colors end Albesila, Forever sabbatical

What is your favorite color?

42 thoughts on “Albesila: Architects of Air at Mesa, Arizona
  1. I have attended this event. The colors reflecting off of the walls were amazing. A wonderful family event.

  2. How cool! I had no idea this went on. I grew up right over near Pioneer Park.
    Thanks for sharing, Bobbi Jo

    1. That is cool that you grew up in that area. Mesa brings great events to Pioneer Park.

  3. Wow – what a crazy experience. I’ve never heard of anything like this. I can’t decide if I’d love it or feel nervous …

  4. Would you say that this is a good attraction for kids or just adults? I remember seeing some really cool tents like this on display when we lived in the UAE. I was scared we would somehow pop one!

    1. Great for kids too. Just don’t let them run around. Many people were sitting and meditationing in different color areas.

  5. Each time I’ve come back to check this out, I’m just in awe. This is so cool looking. I love all the bright colors.

  6. Such a cool and interesting place to visit! Never been there before, but would be willing to check it out!

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