Boulder Canyon Hike in Arizona

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Getting There

Boulder Canyon trailhead from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is about 31 miles northeast. When you type in Boulder Canyon Trailhead it will show an address in Apache Junction, AZ 85119. The road is paved from the airport to the trailhead.

Boulder Canyon Trailhead

Parking for the trailhead is at the Canyon Lake parking lot. It is a dirt lot. Depending on the day of the week and time of day there is a restaurant and restrooms available. The trailhead is southeast of the parking lot. A nice sign marks the entrance.

The Hike

This is a scenic hike that is up and back. Therefore you can go as far as you would like and then turn around. Wear good shoes as the trail has loose rocks that someone could slip-on. The first part is uphill. Feel free to stop and take a few breaks and look around. There is not much shade coverage, therefore bring a hat and sunscreen. Always bring water. The Alltrails website reports the hike one way is 8.7 miles. See link for more details

Be prepared for snakes and cactus, therefore watch were you step. Being prepared is part of our 7 Tips for Choosing a Day Hike. There are many low desert plants and depending on the rainfall and time of year, you will get to see cactus blooming and multiple shrubs flowering.

There was a wilderness fire in June 2019. Then rains which caused flooding and roads to get washed out in September 2019. It will be interesting to see what the terrain is like and how the vegetation will grow back.

Boulder Canyon Hike in Arizona

Battleship Mountain

With the weather cooling off in the Phoenix Valley, many people will be out to explore. We recommend this moderate hike for those who love viewing expansive views of the mountains and lakes. While hiking, look to see if you can find Battleship Mountain.

What is your favorite part of hiking?

42 thoughts on “Boulder Canyon Hike in Arizona
  1. Nice! I think this would be most fun in the winter! I like the suggestion to take water! You for sure need it there

  2. Looks absolutely amazing. We have flown over the mountains before. It would be awesome to hike them.

  3. I can’t wait to visit Arizona and do some hiking. So many neat places and amazing beauty all around.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love hiking through canyons and following the rivers. They are always so interesting and it looks like this one didn’t disappoint either.

  5. It’s great to get out of the city and have some time in nature! Great hiking tips – I’ll never forget the hike I did without water. Not so fun.

  6. I LOVE hiking in the desert when the weather starts to cool off. It is so beautiful. If we make it to Phoenix anytime soon, we will keep this hike in mind.

  7. I’ve hiked to the highpoint of Arizona, Humphreys Peak, but that’s all I’ve hiked in the state. Once I recover from hip replacement surgery, I’m going to add this one to my hiking wishlist.

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