Two Advanced Hikes – Waterhole Canyon and Angels Landing

Two Advanced Hikes Waterhole Canyon Angels Landing Forever sabbatical

Are you looking for advanced hikes? Here are two Advanced Hikes – Waterhole Canyon in Arizona and Angels Landing in Utah.

Waterhole Canyon Hike – Get There

Leaving from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Waterhole Canyon Hike parking is about 308 miles North. Parking is on the east side of the road. There is an entrance between the fencing.

Waterhole Canyon Hike

Many people will visit Antelope Canyon which is nearby. It can get very busy and large crowds. We like to visit Waterhole Canyon which is also a slot canyon with a lot fewer people. You can choose your route. You can go up and back or down and back. Be very mindful of the weather. You do not want to be in the canyon during a flash flood. There have been a few cars crashed in the canyon, therefore you might have to craw over a car to keep hiking. We recommend wearing leather gloves.  

Angels Landing Hike – Get There

From the Waterhole Canyon trailhead to Angels Landing trailhead is about 124 miles to the West. On your way there feel free to visit the Town Page and Lake Powell. You get to cross over Glen Canyon Dam too. There is a visitor center at the Dam and restrooms.

Angels Landing Hike


Angels Landing is located in Zion’s National Park. It is about 5 miles each away. It is an uphill with a reported 1,488 foot again and back hike. The trail starts simple and about 2 miles of it is paved. Then it gets exciting. Depending on your skill level and your mental ability with heights you could continue. Bring your gloves for the metal chains on the steep areas. If the trail is busy then you will find yourself waiting for the less experienced (aka scared) hikers that are taking their time to move their feet. I will admit that I did not complete the hike; I stopped at the picnic area right before the last part that had sheer drops on both sides. I could handle one side of a sheer drop off as long as I had a mountain for me to hold on to on the other side.

For more information Zion’s National Park

North Rim of Grand Canyon Camping

After Angels Landing hike, we went camping on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We had great clear weather for both hikes. When we woke up in the morning and looked outside our tent, we saw snow on our flip flops. We were not expecting snow. However, we were prepared for snow or cold weather if we were to run into it. Being prepared is part of our 7 Tips for Choosing a Day Hike. We decided it was time to head back down into the Phoenix valley and warm up.


Two Advanced Hikes – Waterhole Canyon and Angels Landing

Have you hiker either Waterhole Canyon or Angels Landing?

39 thoughts on “Two Advanced Hikes – Waterhole Canyon and Angels Landing
  1. Such awesome places! I would LOVE to check out that Waterhole Canyon. Why in the world did they leave the car in there? Can’t they lift it out and clear the canyon?
    I did Angels Landing a couple of summers ago! I LOVED it so much…Zion is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to go back! 🙂 So much fun to read your post and see the photos! 🙂

  2. This looks like an amazingly beautiful place to hike! I wish we had something like this closer to me, but Kansas is sadly very flat and very boring.

  3. These hikes look amazing. Definitely want to check them out the next time I visit the area. And I can’t get over that car…while a mystery is intriguing I may do some researching to learn its story.

  4. Waking up to the snow is definitely adventurous. I’m just not sure I can carry enough clothes to keep me warm in that weather. I’m always cold. Great pictures though.

  5. I’m dying to do Angel’s Landing – but also scared silly. I was there and was prepared to do it a few years ago, but the trails were too icy. I don’t know if I’ll get my nerve up again!!!

  6. Antelope Canyon has always been on our bucket list & I wasn’t aware of these hikes until I read your post! Thank you for this informative post along with such great pictures. I think I’ll be doing these hikes now!

  7. I’ve never climbed over crashed cars before! I love the Angels Landing hike in Zions. One of my favorites. Don’t like camping in the snow so much. 🙂

  8. Oh wow, I love to hike but full out camping is not what I’d do. I’m more of a glamper, ha! I’ve always wanted to hike these areas though

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