Dr. Sky: Moon and Meteors at Lost Dutchman State Park

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Dr. Sky


Whether you are camping at Lost Dutchman State Park or visiting for the day, if you enjoy astronomy, attend an event when Dr. Sky aka Steve Kates is presenting. Steve Kates is a National Radio / TV Personality “Dr.Sky” and Radio Talk Show Host out of Phoenix, AZ. He is educational and very funny. I was laughing throughout the night.

Pala Verde Ramada

The presentation was scheduled from 7-8 pm at the Pala Verde Ramada. We arrive around 6:30 pm to take photos. Dr. Sky was already engaging a large crowd that was there eagerly listening. They were literally on the edges of their seats. We looked around and noticed that all the picnic tables’ benches were full. Good thing we brought chairs. We sat right up front and I am glad we did. It did not take long for us to be sitting on the edges of our seats like everyone else. We estimated that there were 60-80 people there that evening. All ages. A group of young scouts was there to learn as well.

The Evening Sky Map


In the first part of the evening, Dr. Sky handed out “The Evening Sky Map” to each group of people. He taught us how to use the map and what we would be looking for this evening. We were very fortunate to have clear skies this evening. As many of you will remember our adventure at The Star Party when it was all clouds. Dr. Sky’s humor made an already exciting topic of astronomy even more exciting. His stories of meteor showers and solar eclipse were fantastic.


Although there were over 60 people at the event, Dr. Sky was patient and made the telescope available for everyone to view. We spotted Jupiter, saw Saturn’s rings, and the Andromeda galaxy. He shared that 1 out of 15 people have never seen the Milky Way. This night the Milky Way was very clear for all of us to see without a telescope.

Dr. Sky has this high powered laser that I believe he said was over $1,500. He pointed out Vega and all the 13 Zodiac signs. Yes, I wrote 13. You will need to attend an event to learn about the 13th. I will not spoil the surprise.

A bonus for the evening was that this coming weekend is a meteor shower and this very night I saw 2 shooting stars. Dr. Sky will educate you to learn that they are not shooting stars. I appreciate Dr. Sky because of this knowledge that he shared with us. I learned about light years and where to find many constellations.


Dress appropriately for the time of year.

Pack drinking water.

Bring a chair just in case the benches are full.

Have a red light flashlight and not white light.

Lost Dutchman State Park


Mark your calendars for Dr. Sky: An Amazing Night Under the Skies Saturday, November 30, 2019, 7-8 p.m. at Lost Dutchman State Park: https://azstateparks.com/lost-dutchman/events/dr-sky-amazing-night

Here is the link for more information for future events at Lost Dutchman State Park: https://azstateparks.com/lost-dutchman/events

For camping information at Lost Dutchman State Park: https://azstateparks.com/reserve/lost-dutchman/camping/

More information on future events at the Arizona State Parks: https://azstateparks.com/

Dr. Sky: Moon and Meteors at Lost Dutchman State Park


Have you attended a Dr. Sky like event near you?

33 thoughts on “Dr. Sky: Moon and Meteors at Lost Dutchman State Park
  1. I would highly recommend going to a Dr Sky event. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was thoroughly entertained. He pointed out so many constellations. Most of them I had never even heard of. We got to see Saturn’s rings through the telescope and another group of stars that I can’t remember the name of. It was cool!

  2. My kids (especially my son) would love this. He is very interested in telescopes – when we visited Chicago earlier this year, the Planetarium was his favorite stop!

  3. What an awesome experience! I have been fascinated by the night sky and astronomy since I can remember. I have to check if we have something like this down here in Texas. 🙂

  4. I have never attended a Dr. Sky event, but your post was very informative! I enjoyed reading!

  5. Very cool! I think it’s great that there were so many people interested in being at this event! Dr Sky sounds awesome!

  6. I love watching the night sky so I’m sure this would be an adventure I would love. I wish I was planning to be in Arizona at the end of November so I could experience this.

  7. Back in high school we went to our local college and they had a room filled with stars and we learned all about them. It was really neat. I bet though now I am older I’d appreciate it more learning about the sky 😉

  8. We did star gazing one night in the Negev in Israel. It was incredible the amount of stars we saw. That is so cool when they point out constellations. I would have no clue what i am looking at.

  9. This sounds like such a unique event and one that my family would totally be on board with. Thanks for sharing this information!!

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