Stranger Things On Our Adventures

Stranger Things On Our Adventures

We enjoy the show Stranger Things. And in the season of Halloween this week, we choose to share some stranger things that we have seen on our adventures. We will be focusing on critters. Many I do not know what they are called, therefore I will call them a bug. If you know what one or two of them are, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the names on the photos.

Chasing Iguanas in Curacao

We were not chasing them. They were chasing us! These iguanas loved to hang out in the common area of a townhome resort that we were visiting in Curacao. They must have thought people had food because they would follow everyone around. Sometimes we would see people freak out and run away and the iguanas would follow.  

Camouflage Frog

frog-upper-canyon-creek Stranger things forever sabbatical

Hunter found this flog that is very well camouflaged on a rock while on a hike at Upper Creek Canyon in Arizona.

Red Sea Urchin

While snorkeling in the Grand Caymans Islands we came across this red sea urchin.

Fuzzy Caterpillar

This caterpillar was located on a hike at Upper Creek Canyon in Arizona. It had many amazing colors.

Gila Monster

Stranger things forever sabbatical Gila

I have only seen Gila monsters at the zoo. Hunter spotted this Gila monster on a hike near Tortilla Flats in Arizona.

Blue Beetle

The blue beetle photo was taken when Hunter was hiking West Clear Creek Canyon, in Arizona.

Orange Spider

Spider Stranger things forever sabbatical

Imagine seeing this brightly colored spider at eye level on the web across the hiking trail that you are walking. We chose to go around. We found this spider on a hike in Arkansas.

Praying Mantis

Another great find on a hike in Upper Canyon Creek was this beautiful praying mantis.

Gigantic Grasshopper

grasshopper Stranger things forever sabbatical

I do not normally get surprised by grasshoppers. This grasshopper was about 5 inches long and walking across the large glass door on our resort suite in Costa Rica. We were returning from an evening event when we stopped and watched it do its thing. We chose to wait to go inside so that it did not follow us.

Purple Beetle

Earlier we saw the blue beetle; this one was purple and spotted on the Upper Canyon Creek hike in Arizona.

Banana Slug

Banana slug Stranger things forever sabbatical

What a fun name, banana slug. We have seen many on our travels. This one was on a hiking trail in Oregon.

Sea Snake

While snorkeling in Fiji, we would see many of these sea snakes. At first, I was concerned because I was informed that they were very poisonous.  They would swim away from us. Therefore, after many days of swimming near them, I was not as scared.

Enormous Spider

Spider-west-clear-creek-az Stranger things forever sabbatical

This was another find of Hunter’s while on the West Clear Creek hike in Arizona. It too was out for a walk that day enjoying the weather. It is not as big as the Spider Monster in the Stranger Things TV show but I can see a small resemblance.

Stranger Things On Our Adventures

Do you think things are only strange the first time you see them?

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  1. Wow! these are some amazing creatures to come across. I often wondered if Iguanas ever chased people!!

  2. That camouflage frog is amazing. The red sea urchin looks super scary -heaven forbid you don’t see it and step on it. Ugh.

  3. Love watching Stranger Things…not sure how comfortable I’d be checking out your stranger things up close. Intriguing and scary at the same time.

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