Car Shows – Why We Love Them

Car Shows Why We Love Them Forever sabbatical

Car shows bring out all ages, makes, and models of vehicles. Those who attend love the colors of cars (that’s me) to those experts who know the ins and outs of the mechanics of cars (that’s Hunter).

Vehicle Interiors


You might recall we attended the 2019 Encanterra Car show in Arizona last year. We were very lucky to get to attend their 2nd annual car show this March. The weather was sunny and warm with a slight breeze. The convertible cars had their roof off. It was a beautiful day to be out walking around.

Hunter was very patient with my car questions. Me, “Why are some of the hoods up?” Hunter, “To see admire the engines.” I said, “Don’t all cars have engines.” Hunter chuckled and we moved along.

Car Features

Thank you, Chuck, for bringing his BMW to the show and posing in this photo. Many cars had unique features. Such as Chuck’s doors. Chuck gave Hunter and me a ride. Sitting behind the driver seat was not too small. I did have to roll out of the backseat do to the minimal amount of space to the door. I thought it was interesting that since the car is electric the Voom Voom sounds I heard was audio. It must be for those who like to hear the sound. 

Car Shows Enthusiasts


Car owners brought their vehicles to the event for many reasons. Some enter the contests, of which there were many categories. Others came to sell their cars to possible buyers. Then some came just to share their love of cars with others who love to talk about cars.

It was nice to chit chat with the owners. You could tell by their smiles and joy in their voice when sharing stories or features about the car that they enjoyed the car. I take pleasure in listening to others who are passionate about their hobbies/lifestyles.

Car Shows- Why We Love Them

If you are a car enthusiast and like to view amazing cars, then next year when you are visiting Pinal County, Arizona in the spring watch for registrations and marketing posters for the date and time.

Do you have a favorite color for a car? I am torn between orange and yellow for a Lamborghini.

34 thoughts on “Car Shows – Why We Love Them
  1. I haven’t been to a car show in years. We used to do a lot more when we were younger and drag racing.

    1. Drag racing. That sounds fun. I have not been to a drag race. I have seen them on TV.

  2. I adore candy apple red. I’ve grown up going to many car shows, and these pictures capture the vibe perfectly.

  3. This car show certainly had all the car world has to offer. My younger daughter would be all over the turquoise car. haha. However, I would be looking at all the old cars. As well as all the hot rods. Yes, my dad bought me a fastback Mustang as my first car and then put racing tires on it. What was he thinking?

    1. LOL. My Dad helped my sister purchase her first car and it was a mustang. She loved it.

  4. My husband loves car shows. We have been to quite a few here and enjoy them.

  5. I grew up going to car shows; my parents love British cars and so we travelled to many shows around New England. It’s always fun to meet people and see so many different types of cars. I love a nice dark blue or a British Racing Green car.

  6. Car shows are great fun. We have a few different ones near us throughout the year. One of them is quite large and a big event.

  7. Car shows can be a lot of fun for car enthusiasts! My father was one and he used to bring us to them when we were young.

  8. I dated a guy once who rebuilt cars with his Dad and we used to go to car shows all the time. People can make these cars look so beautiful!

  9. Yellow Lambo has always been my dream car 🙂 My boys love car shows. The last one we went to was in the fall. My girls were fascinated with the old ones.

  10. We go to the big international one here in San Diego. Definitely don’t have to be a car person to enjoy!

  11. Great way to spend the day outdoors! I enjoy the owners that take so much pride in their cars.

  12. It’s too much of a risk for me to take my hubby to car shows! He always finds something that he thinks he needs! LOL!

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