Fall Outdoor Concerts

Fall Outdoor Concerts Fall Outdoor Concerts, Forever Sabbatical

Fall outdoor concerts are an event to appreciate the beautiful blue sky and great music. This November we attend an outdoor rock concert on a golf course. Gates opened at 10:30 am and the last song was completed at 5:30 pm. A perfect day.

Food and Beverages

Are you a fan of food trucks? We apricate a variety of selection on food when many food trucks are providing their specialties. There usually is at least one food truck that will be a big hit and run out of food. At this event, it was the hotdog truck.

beer gardens Fall Outdoor Concerts, Forever Sabbatical

There were many beer/liquor gardens available around the venue. One could purchase an individual drink or there was a beer/liquor pass that provided a discount for multiple beverages. The weather was a nice 74 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore the lemonade stand was also a hopping place with a line to purchase.


A shoppers’ paradise. There were many local sellers with items such as coats to purses. Towards the evening time, the coat vendor was selling a lot of coats.

bb and wb Fall Outdoor Concerts, Forever Sabbatical

There was a basketball arcade-like game, in which we played many rounds. This time we did not get on the wrenching ball. We have played this activity in the past and it is fun to knock each other over. 

My favorite was the rock climbing wall. There were 3 routes. In between the bands, when the crew was setting up the stage for the next band, I would be climbing. There were many kids to race with. Not many adults wanted to race up the wall but it was good that they tried climbing.


Concert start Fall Outdoor Concerts, Forever Sabbatical

There were four groups on this day. The first group was the Jimmy Jam Band. They were good. The songs were covers that the crowd knew. Many people were out of their seats dancing.

The second group was the Metropolis Man Band. They played harder rock-style songs.

The Retro Connection was the third band to play. They also sang cover songs and had the crowd dancing. The group was very energetic on stage.

The Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute was the final act. The sun had started to go down and the air temperature cooled down. This is when people were purchasing coats from the vendor. Many of us were dancing not only because we liked the song but also because it kept us warm.

Fall Outdoor Concerts

I love participating in fall outdoor concerts. Starting in the morning with a hat and sunblock and ending with a coat and gloves. It is best to be prepared for the day. We look forward to attending the next concert.

When was the last time you attended an outdoor concert?

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16 thoughts on “Fall Outdoor Concerts
  1. I love golf, and I have never heard of having a fall outdoor concert at a golf course. It sounds like a great idea after the golf season is over.

    1. This event was on the golf range. Which allowed for beautiful views when looking at the stage and the mountains behind the stage.

  2. I love those beautiful days of hanging out with music! Fall outdoor concerts are the perfect way to spend the day.

  3. FALL OUTDOOR CONCERTS sound lovely! An evening outdoor in fresh air under the sunshine or stars sounds wonderful! Each moment share with our favorite people becomes a treasure.

  4. Fall concerts are so fun! The temperature is usually better. And I love food trucks. I bet that Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute band was really good. Sounds like this was a good time!

    1. Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute band did a wonderful job. We were out of our seat dancing the entire time.

    1. Us too!! It is something about the outdoor environment that gives the concert and extra bonus feeling.

  5. Fall concerts are excellent, although we have not been to one in a very long time.

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