Glacier Tour in Alaska

Glacier Tour in Alaska Forever Sabbatical
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Glacier tours in Alaska are a great way to get up and personal with ice.  Both Hunter and I have taken glacier tours over the years. If you are headed to Alaska, I recommend you create time in your schedule to attend a glacier tour.

Glacier Tour Guide

Whether you are on a holiday to Alaska or maybe even there for work, find yourself a local tour guide. There are many safety items to consider when viewing glaciers and a properly trained guide will know the best spots to take you too and keep you out of harm’s way. Watch out for bears!


end Glacier Tour, Forever Sabbatical

Numerous hiking trails take you on an adventure through beautiful tree lines, colorful stones, and of course glaciers. I trust you will be with a tour guide with proper shoes, ropes, and clothing.


Glacier tunnels are very inviting but beware. Take your photos from outside the tunnels and see what your camera lens can capture. 


Ice-more Glacier Tour, Forever Sabbatical

You could be on the top-side walking on a glacier and see whites, grays, and blues colors. The colors can change if the sun goes behind the cloud.  If you enjoy taking photographs, glaciers are wonderful to include in your portfolio. Maybe you take over 12 photos and create a calendar for your family and friends. 

Melting Ice

In case you did not know that ice melts. It does and it can create amazing waterfalls. Be careful as parts of glaciers will break off and you do not want to under one when it happens. Hunter was on a hike and the group was near a glacier cave when a large piece came crashing down next to them.

Glacier Tour in Alaska

Ice Glacier Tour, Forever Sabbatical

Have you hiked a glacier or went on a tour to see glaciers?

36 thoughts on “Glacier Tour in Alaska
  1. Always I have wanted to go to Alaska. This is an interesting post. I always wanted to see the northern lights, but the glaciers sound great! I like your idea of making a calendar!

  2. Would love to do a boat tour to see the glaciers. Love the calendar idea too! Did that for the grandparents one year of the kids, but never thought to do one with travel photos.

  3. My friend is on an Alaskan cruise at this very moment and his pictures are gorgeous. We lived in Seattle most my life and always talked about taking an Alaskan Cruise but never did. Your pictures are stunning and now I’m searching for cruises!

  4. Omg, we loved Alaska so much to our surprise. The glaciers are incredible and spectacular hiking! I encourage everyone to go ASAP

  5. Ooh, what an adventure that looks like! I would not mind visiting Alaska to see some me.of the things that we do not get to see down here in the contiguous states.

  6. Alaska is my favorite state and even though I’ve been there five times, it’s not enough! I desperately want to move there. Those mountains speak deep into my soul. Love your photos.

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