Island Party with a Jimmy Buffett Feel in Arizona

Island Party with a Jimmy Buffett Feel in Arizona Forever sabbatical

An Island Party in the Arizona desert. The weather cooperated with the tropical theme too. As we arrived a summer storm came in and it lightly rained on us. There were some lighting and thunder to get us in the mood. Grab your Hawaiian shirt and crazy hat and join us as we share photos of the party.



We arrive just as the doors opened to be able to run through and take photos of everything. Oh, and to get seats because there were going to be over 200 attendees. Our goal was to find seats near the dance floor! There were balloons, signs, and durations galore. Every table and wall was very festive. At the check-in table, they gave out Hawaiian leis in assorted colors.

Island Meal


We enjoyed a delicious meal with was Island themed and included:

Suckling Pig

Jerk Chicken

Caribbean Slaw

Red Beans & Rice

Sancocho (Caribbean Beef Stew)

Fruit Fondue

Dulce De Leche & Fried Plantains


Rum Cake

I went back and ate more fried plantains. Many people went back for more rum cake. I laughed when I saw people taking photos of the fruit fondue ladle and pretending there was something in it and holding it over their heads. That was a clever photo for their Facebook page. 

Costume Contest

The host of the evening was a flamingo

The venue sent out costume suggestions in advance, which included items such as grass skirt, coconut bra, Hawaiian shirt, eccentric headwear/hats, etc. I choose to wear a plastic tiki hat that was also a ring toss game! It was fun and many people tried to toss the ring on to my head. I learned quickly to cover my eyes and stand up straight. No one was hurt in the game… just some sad faces for when they did not succeed. There were two winners for the costume contest. Both winners were dressed from head to toe with leis, floral pattern clothes, and grass skirts. One had awesome pineapple sunglasses and the other had a fake butt tied on the outside of his clothes. Therefore, he was mooning everyone and that won the crowd over. The voting was done by cheer and everyone cheered for them. It was fun.  

Island Party Drink Specials


This island party had amazing traditional drinks such as Rum Runners, Bahama Mamas, Margaritas, and more. Check out these cute cups! Yum.

Island Party Games

Originally this part was to be an indoor and outdoor event. Due to the rain, the hosting venue pulled the games inside. We could play jumbo connect four, bean bag toss, and jumbo Jenga. Of course, there was a limbo contest too.

The Volcano Band


Last but not least was live entertainment with The Volcano Band. They had still drums!! 

We danced to many Jimmy Buffett songs and some Beach Boy songs too. 

Island Party with a Jimmy Buffett Feel in Arizona


The party ended at sunset, which I learned is a traditional time for a Caribbean party to end. It was a fabulous event. Would you dress up for an Island-themed party?

36 thoughts on “Island Party with a Jimmy Buffett Feel in Arizona
  1. I also attended this event. Had a marvelous time. The entire crowd got into the theme party. Enjoyed seating outside as well as inside. The food was delicious and presented in a fun way.

  2. What a fun party. The food looks amazing and I’m now hungry just looking at all of it. And I love steel drum music.

  3. That looks SO. FUN! I would *totally* dress up for a party like that. Your ring toss hat was adorable and that flamingo costume cracked me up!

  4. I love a good costume party. This looks like it was so fun, and I especially liked your costume. So fun and interactive in order to meet the other party-goers.

  5. I would definitely dress up! I have a lava lava as well as an island shirt. You are lucky to have palm trees in Arizona to add to the island feel. Fun Party!

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