All-inclusive-Top 7 Key Elements For a Trip

All-inclusive-Top 7 Key Elements For a Trip Forever sabbatical main

All-inclusive vacation in Mexico? Here are the top 7 key elements to look for when booking your resort. This blog is a flash from the past from 2005 when we visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in bed is so relaxing because you don’t have to get dressed to eat. Ordering our food preferences the night before saves us time in the morning. We wake up generally at the same time every day; therefore we can wake up just a few minutes before the food arrives.

Big Bathtubs

Different resorts in Mexico have indoor tubs that are the size of Jacuzzis with jets and lots of legroom where two people can be in there at the same time. It is a lot of fun to fill them with bubbles. On one adventure the bubbles got carried away and overflowed on to the floor. This happens a lot because there was a floor drain next to the tub.

All-inclusive Patio Private Meals


Sometimes we like to have private meals on our patio. Find out if the resort will wheel in a table and chairs with lunch. 

Outdoor Private Bed

Private patios with big lounge beds are wonderful to take afternoon naps on. At night we lay on them to look up at the stars.

All-inclusive In-room Beverages


A must item for us is in-room beverages. Some resorts refill refrigerators daily with water. We drink a lot of water and love having it restocked daily. In the past, we stayed at a resort that had a wall liquor dispenser and then mixing soda in the refrigerator. That trip we drank a lot of tequila. 


Beach or poolside cabanas are great to spend more time outside yet be out of the direct sun.



Cooling off in a swimmable water source is a bonus. We contact resorts to find out if the beach is walkable, what are the water temperatures, are the waters consist of waves or smooth. Another item we ask regarding the beach is to know if it is a private beach or if there are vendors. We like quiet and vender free like in Roatan.

Top 7 Key Elements for a Great All-inclusive Vacation

Make sure to confirm your favorite activities and features are available before booking. What is a must-have item at the resort you visit?   

38 thoughts on “All-inclusive-Top 7 Key Elements For a Trip
  1. I love all inclusive. I hate feeling knuckle and dimed like so many places do now with resort fees. Just tell me the price and give it all up! lol

  2. Sounds perfect! I love rooms with a big tub I can soak in and I love having private outdoor space too! Great photos

  3. These are all fun things to have on a vacation!! Those private patio meals look great!

  4. I’ve never done an all-inclusive resort stay anywhere, so this is really informative. I’d love to have breakfast in the room, and your patio looks lovely. I’ll remember that when I plan a trip to Mexico~

  5. My hubby and I had our first private patio dinner during one of our anniversary trips and it made me wonder why we hadn’t done it sooner! Great tips!

  6. The private meals look pretty amazing, and that’s probably my favorite part of an all-inclusive. Great post!

  7. I love all of those ideas. Big Bathtubs would be at the top of my list too.

  8. Looks great. All of these are for sure musts for an all inclusive resort! I have only stayed in one before, would love to do so again soon!

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