Top 3 Creative In-Home Outdoor Activities

Top 3 Creative In-Home Outdoor Activates Forever sabbatical

These are the top 3 in-home outdoor activities that we came up with. We started with a list of outdoor activities that we like to do when we are on vacation. Then we thought about what gear was needed for each one. Next, we looked in closets and drawers to find props to help us feel like we were doing these outdoor activities inside. I trust you will enjoy the ideas.

This week’s blog post was inspired by Karen Mellott-Foshier Blog Wish You Were Here – Shelter in Place Spring Break Staycation Postcards. Check out her blog for humorous fun.   

Outdoor Activities – A Day at the Beach

Beach Gear:

Sand resistance beach towel or blanket to spread out in your living room. – The sand resistance is important for a sandy beach. In this case, we had no sand in our living room.

Beach or lawn chair to relax in – or a couch

Sunglasses and hat – This helps protect yourself from the glare on the TV

Flip flops – Just because you need to feet covering when walking to the refrigerator

Drink of choice – Add a mini umbrella to make it authentic!

Refreshing snacks like fresh fruit – For when your family members decide to feed you grapes in your lounge chair


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Panama City Beach

You must have sound effects, like waves crashing.

Outdoor Activities – Camping and a Campfire


Camping Gear:

Sleeping bag and pad spread out in your living room – You can always head to your bed if you feel the need

Lawnchair to relax in

Cooking stove – Never mind just use the microwave to warm up water otherwise this could be a fire hazard

Drink of choice – My favorite is hot cocoa – yum

Yummy snacks like smores – This is a must-have item


Redwood Forest River Crescent City, California, USA 

Live conditions on Lake Erie from Lake Erie Bluffs

Campfire video – This is great to create the crackling of the fire sounds

Outdoor Activities – Snorkeling

Snorkeling Gear:

Snorkel and mask – I liked that I did not get any seawater in my snorkel while swimming

Wetsuit or rash shirt – Tip: I wore my wetsuit inside and got hot fast. Therefore you might just wear a swimsuit

Fins – These are important to get the full effect. 


Bonaire Underwater Coral

Georgia Aquarium

Top 3 Creative In-Home Outdoor Activities


Don’t forget to invite your friends. Set up a Facetime or Zoom meeting. What other outdoor activities can you emulate indoors?

52 thoughts on “Top 3 Creative In-Home Outdoor Activities
  1. Sooooo much fun. Definitely made me chuckle. I love the underwater video idea. Please keep making us all smile. We can all get through this.

  2. HaHa these are certainly creative! I can picture the wet suit inside…very warm. The bonfire idea sounds great! It is a little cold still here for that.

  3. We have been having fun with camp outs in our living room. Our boys love it and beg us to do it every night!

  4. Love these ideas! I’m going to adopt the beach theme for one of our upcoming weekly hockey mom happy hours.

  5. What a cute idea. I got a chuckle out of some of your comments. My kids love playing make-believe. I think my 3-year-old daughter would really get into this, and my older kids would humor her and play along.

  6. I need to get out our photos from snorkeling in Mexico and put on our gear to look at the photos while I have the Bonair Underwater Coral on the computer. It will really bring us back to our trip.

  7. Wonderful ideas! I’m doing group fitness class with friends and I may add a beach backdrop so it would feel like we are outdoors

  8. Nice! I live by the beach so I do it a little different but these are great for those who aren’t too close!

  9. I gotta admit…I can’t pretend to be on a vacation in my living room. I’ve tried several tips I’ve now seen for in living room quarantine. I wish I could.

  10. We have been building a lot of couch cushion tents lately. And don’t forget the s’mores roasting over the fireplace. Thanks for these great ideas!

  11. How creative! My imagination doesnt seem to work this way. I bet our daughter would enjoy this!

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