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June Lake is located in Mono County, California. This is a flashback to many years ago when we hiked a fun trail to June Lake. Multiple generations of Hunter’s family rented a home at the base of the mountain. Renting a large home with lots of rooms allows for plenty of space for each family to gather and have their privacy too.  Hiking around during the day and playing games together in the evenings are great memories to create with family.

Hike to June Lake


June Lake’s elevation is reported to be ~7,654 feet. It has been many years since we were on the hike, I do not recall how long it took us to hike up. I do remember the steepness and taking a lot of breaks to catch my breath. Of course on the way down was much faster than going up.


Do you like finding waterfalls? We do. At the time it had been raining and the waterfalls were plentiful. These were great spots to rest.

Stream hopping was part of this trail. We wear breathable and water resistance boots when we hike. Therefore I am not concerned about stepping into a few inches of water. If it was a few feet of water, well that is a different story.


Check to see what the current rules are about fishing. We loaded up our poles in our day packs. Remember when hiking with poles sticking out of your pack, to watch out for low hanging trees or nearby shrubs that you could get yourself tangled up in. I have done this from time to time.

June Lake Animals


Once we arrived at June Lake, we set up to catch fish. Hunter caught a few. There were ducks to watch while waiting on the fish. We spotted a few deer in the area that did not notice we were present. Although we did not see any bears, I still paid attention to my surroundings just in case one wanted a fish.

June Lake, California – Hiking & Fishing

Who has been there recently? Is the water level high? I trust if you go during the rainy season, the waterfalls should be flowing. If you are traveling around Califonia, check out Joshua Tree National Park.

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  1. I love the waterfall. The fishing looks good too. I love being in nature like this. It’s so calming and relaxing.

  2. Our family has never been to California, but it’s on our list of places to visit for our “50 States Before Graduation Challenge.” I’m not sure which parts of California we will end up visiting, but I will add this to our list of places to check out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks like a great adventure. I love hiking and enjoy fishing, but never get out as much as I’d like. Thanks for sharing!

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