Virtual Tours – Hiking, Sharks, and Whiskey

Virtual Tours Hiking, Sharks, & Whiskey Forever sabbatical

Virtual tours are becoming more and more available. This is wonderful as many people have not been able to travel recently. Why not explore locations from a live webcam? We will share a few that we have come across this week.

Hiking at Arizona State Parks


Missing your outdoor hikes? No problem because Arizona State Parks have “Take a virtual hike on an Arizona State Park trail with Google Maps”

We got a preview of Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park on google maps. Technology is pretty awesome. The Arizona State Parks website reports, “Arizona State Parks and Trails staff used the Google R7 Trekker Camera to capture 360 views of all state parks and more than 175 miles of trails in and connecting to the state parks across Arizona.”

Live Shark Cam at Odysea Aquarium

shark Forever sabbatical

Love sharks? Odysea Aquarium is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. During business hours you can watch the Live Shark Cam see what the sharks are up to. We jumped on the website on Friday and watched the sharks. It was calming to watch them. Do you find yourself sitting and watching the animals when you visit an aquarium?

Whiskey Tour

When we visit a new location we find tours of local distilleries. I enjoy learning about how the product is made, how the business came to be, and then my favorite part is the tasting. Although we are not in Colorado, I did find Distillery 291 in Colorado Springs, CO, who has been getting creative with their tasting room during the quarantine period by offering both virtual distillery tours and virtual whiskey flight tastings.

On Friday afternoon I attended Distillery 291 live “hype” videos on their social media, which they plan on doing every day to promote their 291 Quarantine Cocktail of the Day. That same evening they hosted a Virtual Happy hour. On Saturday afternoon we virtually attended the facility tour. We learned about the artwork on the distilleries. I admit it would have been better if I was on-site to sample the whiskey. We are looking forward to an in-person visit in the future.  

Virtual Tours – Hiking, Sharks, and Whiskey


I am grateful for all the businesses that are finding ways for people to still enjoy locations and activities. These virtual tours have me adding to my future visit list. How about you, what virtual tours have been attended? Are the virtual tours causing you to add locations to your future places to visit list?

31 thoughts on “Virtual Tours – Hiking, Sharks, and Whiskey
  1. It amazes me how business owners are being so creative! This is an excellent way to keep the public aware of their shops and enterprises. Great job.

  2. I love all of the virtual tours out there right now. It is the next best thing to actually being there I guess.

    1. I have yet to go on a virtual tour. Thanks for this, I’m going to check one out over the weekend.

  3. I absolutely love the virtual hikes option…going to explore that a little more…and then maybe watch the sharks tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Some aquariums let you dive. For example, the one in this article allows for diving.

  4. Oh wow, thanks for sharing these virtual tours. We did a virtual aquarium tour. It was cool to see. I would have never known that some of these places have virtual tours. Really great to see!

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