Lake Arrowhead State Park Texas Camping

Lake Arrowhead State Park Camping Texas Forever Sabbatical

Lake Arrowhead State Park is a great find when one is traveling across the country and looking for a camping area with a lake and trees.  We selected this location because the landscape that we had been driving through had no trees.


Map Lake Arrowhead Start Park Forever Sabbatical

Although Lake Arrowhead State Park was about 20 mins off of the main route we were traveling, I am glad we stayed there for a night because of the trees. For those who live in the area, I can imagine many people using the park and staying multiple nights.

The park address is 229 Park Rd 63, Wichita Falls, TX 76310.


Lake Arrowhead State Park has both water-electric sites and water-only sites.

We stayed at the water-only site #54 and that worked great for us. The site was clean (very little trash). Our campsite was right off the 16,200-acre lake.

The picnic table was helpful to have a flat place for cooking. The ramada was nice to keep the weather elements off of us.

There was a parking slab that was level. We appreciated this because we were car camping and sleeping level is a bonus. Hunter does not care for me rolling into him while sleeping if the ground was unlevel.

Firepits were at the site. When you check-in at the front gate the staff will let you know if there are any fire restrictions. When we visited there were no fires allowed.


Restrooms Lake Arrowhead Start Park Forever Sabbatical

Restroom facilities are found in multiple locations. Such as in the campsite area and the public day-use area.

The shower facility is in the water and electric campground area.

There are large trash cans around all the different camping area loops.

Lake Arrowhead State Park Recreation Area

swimming Lake Arrowhead Start Park Forever Sabbatical

The designated swimming area was large. The weather was cooler when we visited in April of 2022. We witnessed one person swimming. When he came out of the water we asked him, “How is the water?” He quickly replayed with a smile, “Cold.”  I went to the waterline and put my hand in and sure enough, it was cold.

They have nine boat ramps. Check the website for up-to-date fishing license requirements. You might not need a license if you are fishing from shore within the park but may need one when fishing from a boat.

The park has over five miles of multi-use trails that can be used for hiking, biking, and equestrian. We took multiple walks on the trails.

The ramadas with picnic tables were in good condition. There were BBQ stands next to the tables in the day-use areas.

Bird Watching

The park reports there are over 200 species of birds. The park has a Birds of Lake Arrowhead SP: A Field Checklist in PDF to download on their website. I suggest downloading it before you leave home.

We were fortunate to see many different birds while on our walks.

Lake Arrowhead State Park Camping Texas

Sample site Lake Arrowhead Start Park Forever Sabbatical

To learn more about Lake Arrowhead State Park visit:

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    1. Yes, a level campsite is so important for tent camping. You don’t want to be rolling down hill.

  1. The Lake Arrowhead State Park looks like a great option for camping when in Texas! Now I only need a camper

  2. Lake Arrowhead State Park looks like a lovely place to camp! I always love camping near water. The picnic tables look really nice, too.

  3. Lake Arrowhead State Park looks and sounds like a great place to camp in Texas. So nice to be so close to a huge lake and trees.

  4. I love camping near water and in areas with trees. Lake Arrowhead sounds perfect!

    1. There are many campsites at this location but not all are next to the lake. When booking a campsite, check the map to find a lake spot.

  5. The campsites at Lake Arrowhead State Park look fabulous! We love adding new state parks to our list. Thank you for sharing this Texas gem.

  6. We love camping, especially when there are trees to protect us a bit from the sun! LOL Lake Arrowhead State Park sounds like a great campsite. Love the lake options!

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