Hale Theater Hosts Footloose Play – Gilbert, Arizona

Footloose Play at Hale Theater Gilbert, Arizona

Hale Theater had another great play – Footloose. We love attending live theater. How about you?

Hale Theater Location

Hale Theater, Forever Sabbatical

The Hale Theater is located at 50 W Page Ave, Gilbert, Arizona 85233.

If you arrive early there is a nice seating area outside when the weather is good. We sat in this area and watched the hummingbirds come in to drink from the fountain.


entry Hale Theater, Forever Sabbatical

The lobby is well decorated with chandeliers and comfortable seating while you wait for the show to start.

This show was sold out. I recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. You can pick them up at the box office once you have arrived.

The programs are digital. The venue has QR codes in the lobby and on the back of the seats for attendees to download the program with their cell phones.

Hale Theater Stage

stage Hale Theater, Forever Sabbatical

The stage is in the center of the room with seating on the North, East, South, and West side.

The performers face all the directions throughout the performance. This helps everyone to have a good view.


It was a very cute play. I loved when the cast would sing the songs “Footloose,” “Let’s Hear It for the Boy,” and “Almost Paradise.”

We cheered, clapped, and sang along through the entire show.


The restrooms are on the 1st floor. A tip is to get in line early when the middle show break takes place.

Don’t worry. They will ring a bell inside the building and outside the building to let you know when the 2nd half will begin.

Snacks and Refreshments

In the lobby, before the show begins is an area where you can purchase snacks.

During the intermission, the snack cart gets wheeled into the center of the stage. People can walk down the steps to make their purchases.

Footloose Play at Hale Theater in Arizona

Future shows Hale Theater, Forever Sabbatical

The Hale Theater is a very nice venue. I look forward to attending future plays at this location.

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What was the name of the last live performance you attended?

14 thoughts on “Hale Theater Hosts Footloose Play – Gilbert, Arizona
    1. We do it. When we visit different locations, we look to see if there is a local show.

    1. It was fun. The cast did a great job to have the audience get involved with the play.

  1. Footloose was one of my favorite movies growing up!
    I love that the Hall Theater stage is in the center. My kids and I attended a Harold & Piggie (children’s book) play in a theater like this one.

    1. This was been the first theater that was set up like this that we have attended. I look forward to visiting more theaters with this set up.

    1. The cast did a great job with the props to give the audience a good feel for each location. Such as the trains area vs the school dance.

  2. What a great venue! The Footloose production at the Hale Theatre in AZ looks like a good choice!

  3. I’d love to see this show live! What a great venue to see it in, too! Love that box office!

  4. Watching Footloose at the Hale Theater would be so awesome! This charming Arizona theater looks so cute.

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