Georgia Strawberry Picking

Georgia Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking in Georgia is a great way to spend an afternoon. Biting into a fresh, ripe, juicy strawberry right off the stem is heaven.

We drove into Jasper, Georgia, and visited a food store near our lodging. With our food purchased for the week, we asked where the nearest park with picnic tables was located. The store staff were kind and shared the directions to a city park 3 minutes away. About 2 hours were remaining before we could check into the house we were renting, so the park would be a nice place to have lunch. On the 3 min drive to the park, we noticed a sign on the side of the road that said “You Pick Strawberries” with an arrow pointing down the road. We found the city park and had our lunch in the very peaceful quiet area.  There was still an hour and a half before check-in time, so we went on an adventure to follow the strawberry signs.

Strawberry Picking Farm

Farm_Hunter_Strawberry Picking, Forever Sabbatical

After multiple turns and winding roads, the very well-signed/marked path lead us to an 11 acre farm.

There was one car in the parking area and we parked next to it. Out in the mowed field was a canopy shade with a table and multiple people standing around. We introduced ourselves and learned that the group of people were college students from Atlanta, Georgia up for the day to pick strawberries. One member of the college group loves to visit this specific farm all year round for all the different fresh fruits, such as blueberries, blackberries, grapes, pears, and more. He brought his friends up to share the picking experience.

They had already picked their strawberries and were paying for their baskets. They introduced us to the owners that were behind the table. The owners shared the history of their farm and what the plans for all the different crops on the land. After a while of storytelling, the owners provided us with a basket and said that we could pick as many strawberries as we would like that would fit in the basket.

Picking Strawberries

As we walked up the hill to the strawberry field, memories from when I was a kid picking strawberries from my family’s garden came rushing back to me. It brought a smile to my face.

Hunter and I were the only ones wondering around the rows and rows of plants. It was fun to find a strawberry, pick it and then show it to each other. Some were very red ripe, others were slightly ripe and would ripen within a day or two. There is no taste-testing of the strawberries.  The signs warned you not to. As we picked more and more berries, my mouth began to water and I quickly finished up to pay. So that I could eat a strawberry.

As soon as we paid, I ate a deliciously sweet strawberry. It was time to check in to our lodging and as we headed to the house, I ate about 5 more berries. The berries only lasted a few days because I ate all of them so quickly.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberries_in_basket_Strawberry Picking Forever Sabbatical

This spontaneous visit to the farm was wonderful for creating a new memory and satisfying my taste buds.

Have you picked fresh strawberries from the plant?

16 thoughts on “Georgia Strawberry Picking
  1. Glad you had such a great time strawberry picking in Georgia. We LOVE picking strawberries and have enjoyed it lots in Michigan. They taste so amazing right from the field!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful adventure. Not only did you find a great tasting treat, you had the enjoyment of picking them. I have heard that smell and taste are the best stimulus for memories. I have also picked strawberries from my family garden. Thank you for the reminder. It made me smile also. Life’s little pleasures.

  3. It’s so fun to pick your own berries! Love the experience of picking and occasionally popping a warm juicy strawberry into my mouth.

  4. Sounds like your strawberry picking adventure ended up being a great find! You got to have fun and eat delicious strawberries!

  5. I’m actually eating strawberries right now. Ha! I’ve never picked fruit on a farm like this, so it was interesting to see how it worked. I’ve stopped at fruit stands, but I’ve never picked it. What a great memory!

  6. Love this guide to strawberry picking in Georgia. It’s been a long time since I went berry picking – you’ve inspired me to do it this summer.

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