Music Festivals Packing Tips

Music Festivals Packing Tips Forever sabbatical

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Music festivals are exciting and packing for one might be at the bottom of your list. Depending on the type of music festival there could be different rules regarding what you can bring into the venue. Below we share a few tips of items to consider looking into before arriving at your destination.

Clear Bag

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Many venues are requesting clear bags to make it easier for security to view the contents of your purse. Have you ever been in the security line excited to get inside and find your seat to listen to your favorite artist and the person in front of you has a backpack with a million pockets?  We can’t help that person but we can provide these tips for you to get through faster.

We found the Smarty Bag to be very useful in any scenario where there is a security line that checks every pocket. I can pack the necessities and it is easy to see the contents. I liked the water bottle holder on the side for easy access as we are constantly drinking water. The inside mesh pockets are great to hold my ID, credit card and cell phone. Consider a clear bag such as Smarty Bag when taking gear to a festival.  

Sealed Water Bottles

We attended a DJ pool concert at an Arizona Casino. The security said no water bottles. I showed them my bag and the sealed water bottle and they said NO!. However, they said there were tubs of water bottles throughout the pool area for people to pick up as needed. On a side note, I stood to the side and drank my water before going in. Have you done that too?

Lawn Chairs

Country Thunder has concerts in multiple places throughout the US. It is hosted in Arizona once a year for many days, last year Wednesday through Sunday. It is an outside all-day event. The gates open in the morning and many people will run to place their chairs as close to the stage as possible and then sit there all day as to not lose their spots. Having a comfortable chair is imperative when sitting for multiple hours at a time. Don’t get too crazy with your chairs as the gate security people are very particular as to what you can bring onto the grounds. 


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In the Arizona sun, an umbrella to protect you and provide shade is a great idea. However, it might not be a good idea for an outdoor concert. The security at an outdoor 1-day concert said no to umbrellas due to the umbrellas blocking the people behind you a view of the stage. That made sense to me. Good thing we did not bring an umbrella but brought large brim hats.

Outside Food

There is an indoor sporting area that hosts many concerts in Arizona. When we attended for a Selena Gomez Concert a few years back I was surprised that they would let outside food in. For example, there are many fast-food restaurants near the arena and people were able to bring in the fast-food bags. Each bag was check by the Security team.

Music Festivals Packing Tips

Most important with packing for a music festival is check in advance for a list of items that you can and cannot bring in. That list will help you to avoid having to toss anything away at the door. The list can also help you save money if you can bring in your food and not play as much for the venue food prices.

What are your favorite items to pack for a music festival?

29 thoughts on “Music Festivals Packing Tips
  1. Love you Missy, you are so knowledgeable and informative ( a Jill of all trades and master of all)

  2. I haven’t been to a music festival is what seems like forever so I totally would not know how to pack for one anymore. Great tips! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Great ideas. I try to carry as little as possible to concerts and music festivals, but you’ve hit on the essentials here.

  4. That’s a pretty cute clear bag. Sometimes they aren’t that cute. And lawn chairs are a must!

    1. Usually, the venue will supply a list online. However, sometimes, you don’t know until you arrive and they have a large list at the door.

  5. I can’t count the amount of times I have had to chug a bottle of water before going in somewhere that doesn’t allow it. Good idea to locate a bathroom upon entering

  6. These are great tips. I love festivals, but sometimes one doesn’t put enough thought into what you might need. I know the first time we did a festival I packed very little.

    Live and learn.

  7. I laughed because I learned this the hard way!!! Would have been nice to read this when I started going to festivals!! Awesome that you put it out there for all to know.

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