Outdoor Jazz Festival

Outdoor Jazz Festival Forever sabbatical

Smooth Jazz music filled the air on this beautiful February day in Arizona at the outdoor Jazz Festival. The weather was in the mid 600F with a few clouds to keep the sun intensity low.

Prepared with a light sweater that I quickly set on the back of a chair because the weather did not call for it and a large brimmed sun hat that I did keep on because it was cute, I set off to explore the venue.

Welcome Beverage

As we entered the golf course view welcome area, you could see the Superstition Mountains behind the stage providing an amazing backdrop. The host checked us in with a brilliant smile and directed us to the welcome beverage station.

I chose the mimosa and others choose the orange juice. Whether you like to drink an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage in a fancy glass it was ready for you.

Wine Tasting

wine 1 Jazz Festival, Forever Sabbatical

For those who enjoy tasting new wines, there were 4 different wines to try.  There was a Chardonnay, a Red Blend, a Pinot Noir, and a Rose.  I love a good Rose, therefore that was the 1st one I tried and it was very nice.

Are you one to pace yourself when tasting?  I am. Waited an hour before going back to try the Red Blend, which was also good.

I had reached my limit and did not try the other 2 varieties, however, others that tried them said they were good too.

Interested in wine tasting in Temecula Valley, CA? Visit our blog from our adventure there.

Delicious Food

meal 1 Jazz Festival, Forever Sabbatical

There was an indoor grand ballroom with huge sliding doors that were open to the concert area. Inside this venue was where the buffet-style meal was presented.

The selection started with a salad of organic field greens. There were accompaniments of roasted seasonal vegetables and dinner rolls. I did not have the dinner rolls but I did have seconds of the roasted seasonal vegetables. I enjoy asparagus and Brussels sprouts. YUM! Then there were the entrees of pan-seared salmon with a tomato caper relish and herb-grilled chicken breast with marinated artichokes in a white wine butter sauce.  Both the salmon and chicken were cooked just right and fell apart with the touch of my fork.

There were many tables and chairs set up for small to large groups to sit and enjoy the food while listening to the musicians.

Later in the day, there was a coffee station with a dessert of lemon bars.  When was the last time you had a lemon bar?


Dance floor Jazz Festival, Forever Sabbatical

The dance floor is in front of the stage with tables and chairs around it. When dancing, one could view the band, and behind the band would be the lush green golf course, and behind the golf course were the Superstition Mountains.

Jazz Festival Musicians

The festival included 3 different musical groups.

The first was saxophonist Jackiem Joyner. Who played the alto and the soprano saxophone. He was accompanied by a keyboardist and a drummer. Jackiem Joyner was a wonderful start to the day. He had people out on the dancing floor dancing, including me. 

The second act was keyboardist, Brian Simpson, and supporting band. He is a composer and studio musician.

The final act was Grammy-nominated songwriter and Nashville recording artist Steve Oliver

He has over 25 years in music, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. You can hear his music on contemporary and smooth jazz radio.

Outdoor Jazz Festival

end Jazz Festival, Forever Sabbatical

Such a beautiful day with beautiful music.

What concert have you attended where the musician was someone who is played on the radio?

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  1. An outdoor jazz festival with a mimosa sounds like a great way to spend the day. Sounds like a fabulous time!

  2. I love a good food and wine festival with music. An outdoor jazz festival seems like a great option.

  3. An outdoor jazz festival sounds fantastic! We have not been to one and will search for one near us.

  4. It is so cool that you get to go to so many fun festivals with fun and fancy food. This one looks fun!

  5. This outdoor jazz festival looked like a blast. Good music and good food are always a recipe for a great time! And the weather seemed perfect for the occasion.

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