Poker Run in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Poker Run San Tan Valley Arizona

Poker Run – You might be thinking running is involved but it is not. A Poker Run is a great way to spend a few hours whether it is for a family reunion or a community event. Never played Poker before? No problem. We will share this fun activity that you can organize on your next vacation with friends.

#1 Great Venue

Find a great venue. It can be someone’s home, a park, a community center or a resort that you and your friends decided to meet up at. If you are going to have your players drive to multiple locations, let them know in advance. If you are going to provide alcohol at the stations, I recommend not having stations that players have to drive to.

#2 Deck of Cards

cards Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

Bring multiple decks of cards. We played 5 card poker. Therefore we had 5 decks of cards. Also, note that we played with 43 people. There is no limit to the number of people playing because the deck of cards stay at each station.

#3 Map and Score Card

map Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

If you are staying at a resort, get permission from the manager first. See if they will allow a staff member to hand out the cards at the station. Create a map of all your locations and then provide it to the players. This helps the players to spread out and not all be at the same station at the same time.

game card Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

Provide each player with a scorecard with rules at the bottom.

#4 Stations

gin Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

At each station, the cards are set out randomly. Each player chooses a card and the host at the station marks and initials on the scorecard the playing card like 4 of clubs. Then the card gets put back into the pile.

Ice cream cards Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

The organizer for our stations was very creative and had themes at each station. For example, one station was a Gin distributor and they had samples of different types of gin. Another station was an ice cream bar with all the toppings. This also helps keep people at locations for about 5-15mins.

#5 Prizes

score board Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

Games are fun when there are prizes. There was a time limit for this game. We were given 1.5 hours to visit all the stations. Then we met back at one central location to turn in our scorecards and determine the winners.  Note: our stations required driving to different locations. If you are doing that provide extra time.

The Poker Run game we played had a winner for the Best Hand and the Best Worst Hand. There was a big scoreboard in the final location. As players came in, the organizer would determine if it would beat the best or worst hand and update the scoreboard. The winners were determined by standard poker rules.

Winner Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

The winner of our game had 5 fours. That is very lucky. He won Diamondback Baseball tickets. Every player won a deck of cards from the organizer. The deck of cards was a nice bonus.

Poker Run

Cards and ice cream Poker Run Forever Sabbatical

This was great fun and simple game to play with good friends and to meet new people. Highly suggest this themed event for a community gathering or friend reunion. Have you played traditional poker before?

33 thoughts on “Poker Run in San Tan Valley, Arizona
  1. This sounds like such a fun game! I can see mixing it up with different treat stations and even different card games if kids are coming.

  2. Wow, I could really use some of those snacks and desserts about now! This looks like such a fun way to spend some time with friends. I do like playing Texas Hold-em!

  3. I know not the first thing about poker but it sounds like it was a good time for all! 🙂

    1. It was fun. If you get a chance to attend such an event in the future, I recommend it.

  4. I LOVE poker runs! They are a great way to bring a community out and about. We have a poker run every year down at the Ohio River in Indiana. It’s a BLAST.

    1. That sounds like an awesome time. Will you be partaking in the Ohio River event this year?

  5. Not much of a poker player over here, but I have a family member who enjoys the game. Thanks for sharing the idea for a fun night.

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