Indoor Scavenger Hunt in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Indoor Scavenger Hunt San Tan Valley, Arizona Main

Search high and low for items in the Scavenger Hunt Packet. Let the best Hunter win. Talk about a good time indoors in San Tan Valley, Arizona in June. You might remember past scavenger hunts we have experienced such as the Spa Scavenger Hunt or our Geocaching experiences. As you can tell we enjoy a good hunt and find event.

Scavenger Hunt Forever Sabbatical

This particular scavenger hunt was an individual race, which meant Hunter and I would be competing against each other. We were looking forward to the competition. We were not sure of the set up for the event but I would visualize receiving the document with the list and then sitting down to review the list and then start finding the items.

San Tan Valley, Arizona

On this hot 110-degree Fahrenheit San Tan Valley, Arizona day, we were excited that the event would be hosted indoors with the cool air conditioning. The venue is very large as it is a Club House for a local Golf Course Resort Community. The rooms included in the event where the Grand Living Room, Explorations Café and the Compass Room.

The Game

There were 40 participants of all ages, from teenagers to grandparents. All the gamers arrived in The Grand Living Room to hear the rules of the hunt. The event coordinator reviewed all the rules and described the game sheet. She also let us know we would have 2 hours to complete the hunt. 

The game sheet consisted of two pages with six photos of items on the front and back of the sheet. Under each photo was a space to fill in the description of the item and the location (which room) it was in.

The hostess handed out pens (which was good because we did not bring a pen) and the game packets. Then she sent us off with “Good luck and may the best Hunter win!” Immediately, thought Hunter would win because she said, “Hunter.” It made me smile.

Scavenger Hunt Items

Wow, the photos of the items were very clever. Some photos would be of the item upside down or rotated 90 degrees. Some photos were extreme close-ups of the object. The game packet really made you think about what the item could be and then you had to go locate it.

Once I received my packet, I did what I visualized. I sat down in a chair and reviewed all the photos and organized them based on what room, I thought they would be in. Then I went to each room and stood in the corner and canvassed the room. Once I found an item, I would write down the description and the room. Next, I went to a different corner of the same room and obverted all the furnishings from floor to ceiling. I repeated this system in each room.

Winner and Prizes

“The FIRST person who is able to find all, or most, of the items, will win a prize”. Is what we were instructed at the beginning of the game. Once I had my packet filed out, I ran to the hostess and asked where we turn it in. She said, “Here” as I am handing her my packet, another player was also handing in their packet. I was able to slide mine in moments before them. Hunter turned in his packet just moments after the 2nd person. It was a close game. Then the hostess checked the sheets, just because I was the first one to turn it in, did not mean that I had all the answers correct. In the end, I did have the correct answers and won the prize.

The prize was a very cute card with additional prizes in it. The additional prizes were a gift card to the Resort Restaurant and 2 movie passes, therefore dinner and a movie on them.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Scavenger Hunt Forever Sabbatical prize

Have you been on a community-wide scavenger hunt? If yes, what state was it in?

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  1. I love scavenger hunts! I use to plan these for groups of 30 and up, we all had a blast.

  2. I love this!!! I’ve never been on a community-wide scavenger hunt before but after reading this article, I really want to give it a try!

  3. This sounds like such a fun idea 🙂 How do you find out when there is one local. Do you just google “community-wide scavenger hunt?” Thanks for sharing!

  4. It’s so hot right now, I’d love to do something like this indoors. It looks really fun! I think it would be fun to look for the details.

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