Queen Creek Botanical Gardens – Arizona

Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Arizona Forever Sabbatical

Queen Creek’s new Botanical Gardens is open to the public. Join us as we explore the paths and beauty on 10 acres of streams, waterfalls, Mill ponds, and demonstration gardens. There is even a scavenger hunt.

Location and Parking 

The address to enter into your GPS is 25002 S. 206th St., Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

If you are flying in from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport it is about 8 miles Southeast. Located in Queen Creek off of Riggs Road, just east of Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre, west of Ellsworth Road.

Parking is on the south side of the venue.

Enter the gardens at the white tent.

Scavenger Hunt 

Hunt Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Forever Sabbatical

These gardens are very new and they are expanding. It was founded in 2020. It is exciting to see the plants in their early stages. We look forward to “watching them grow” over the years.  

We received a scavenger hunt paper (and pencil) with many locations and sculptures to find. This is a great idea to help make sure you get to see everything. There was a prize at the end when you have located all the items.


Paths Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Forever Sabbatical

As we wandered the paths, volunteers/staff were working the gardens. They would stop and ask if we had tried to eat anything yet. I said, “No, I had not.” They said, “Would you like to try a few plants?” I said, “Yes.” They proceeded to remove a leaf from one plant and another. Sharing the type of plant and what it is used for. It is a great experience to learn about edible plants and sustainable food production in landscaping.

According to the website, Queen Creek Botanical Gardens is “the worlds 1st all-edible gardens surrounding the only working water mill in the American Southwest.”

Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Watermill

Mill Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Forever Sabbatical

The watermill was neat to see functioning while we strolled around. Water from the mill went into the pond where the ducks and koi fish were swimming. This is a tip to remember if you choose to participate in the scavenger hunt.

Have your phone ready to scan the QR codes around the park. The QR codes share more information about each location.

Themed Garden Areas

fruit Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Forever Sabbatical

There is a fruit orchard, aquaponic, demonstration gardens, and coming soon gardens.

Of course, they also have a shop where you can purchase plants and trees. For example, apples, apricots, citrus, and so many more varieties.

Canoe Rentals

canoe Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Forever Sabbatical

Whether you have never canoed before or wanting to be serenaded by your loved one (I hope they have a good voice) give canoeing a try. The canoes, paddles, and lifejackets are provided. Paddle your way around the lake. Check website for pricing.

Addition Features

The Queen Creek Botanical Gardens have many attritional features such as U-Pick Produce and Subscription Boxes of the seasonal produce. Maybe you would like to try your hand at catch and release fishing. The facility supplies 2 barbless hooks. You bring the pole.

Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Newsletter

Bridge Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Forever Sabbatical

When you are researching for your visit, be sure to register for their weekly newsletters to learn about upcoming webinars about agriscaping to special events, such as yoga classes.

Members/ Volunteer

The gardens have a membership with benefits. For example, guest passes for friends and family. Maybe you would like to volunteer and get your hands dirty. They welcome volunteers for harvesting and general garden upkeep.  

Queen Creek Botanical Gardens

To learn more about the botanical gardens hours and activities visit their website at www.qcgardens.org

If you are looking for a location to host an event, there are many beautiful areas that could hosts events, festivals, and exhibits throughout the year.

The website promotes, “the Gardens are designed to inspire sustainable, yet elegant edible landscaping, and to show what is possible in your own yard.” I am inspired.

Where have you visited that inspired you to grow something new?

21 thoughts on “Queen Creek Botanical Gardens – Arizona
  1. So happy to have found this! We were in Sedona, and Phoenix, but we missed this. My husband can’t wait to return, so I’m definitely adding this. So many beautiful picture spots, and the scavenger hunt just makes it even better! Great pics too!

  2. I love that Queen Creek Botanical Garden has all edible plants. I think they is awesome.

    1. We enjoyed the Scavenger hunt. There were items on the list that we would have missed.

  3. Exploring botanical gardens in different states and countries is one of my favorite things to do! This on in Arizona is so unique.

  4. I really enjoyed your tour of the Botanical Gardens. What an opportunity for you to follow this garden’s growth. Loved the scavenger hunt idea to help find things you might otherwise overlook. Perhaps also to interest children? Thanks for writing such a detailed tour. If I ever get to travel that way it would be on my list.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I am a fan of botanical gardens and will have to put this one on my list to visit whenever back in that area of the country. I love the variety of additional activities that are offered to enhance the experience and to further enjoy the beauty of the gardens.

  6. I used to live in AZ and still have family there, so this will be on my list for the next time I visit! So neat that there’s a scavenger hunt!

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