Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding at Twilight Lake in Colorado

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding Twilight Lake Colorado forever sabbatical
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Clear skies, Twilight Lake water surface is calm, and the temperature is warm on my face. This is the perfect day to learn how to paddleboard.


Purgatory Metro District Community Park community center address is 49786 Hwy 550 N Durango, CO 81301.  We stayed in a rental apartment across the street at Purgatory Ski Resort. Staying across the street made it very simple to access the lake.

Purgatory Metro District Community Park

Purgatory Metro District Community Park is where we found ourselves for the day. There is parking near the community center and on the opposite side of Twilight Lake where the trailhead is located for Purgatory Creek Trail.

At the community center, one will find public restrooms.  There is a boat rental station, where you can rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

There is a walking path around the lake with benches to stop and rest. Maybe you would like to have a picnic. There are many picnic tables to choose from.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

As a beginner to stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding, I was excited to get out on the lake and try out our new board. Since the board we have is inflatable and comes in a backpack, it was simple to carry it from the parking lot to the lake. I tell you what… caring backpacks are way easier on my body than trying to lug around duffle bags full of equipment. Hunter carried our dry clothes and camera equipment in the Bomber Mini Pro Backpack. Do you have a dry bag for your gear? We highly recommend one. It is so nice to have dry clothes after a day on the lake.

Water bag stand up paddle boarding, forever sabbatical

We found a nice shaded area under large pine trees to set up. Placed our backpacks down and started to get the equipment out. Found the manual pump and got started filling up the board. About 10 to 15 minutes later, the board was ready.

Next was to prep me. I decided to wear my swimsuit and rash guard under my wetsuit, just in case I fell into the water. The temperature outside on this sunny day was in the low 70’s Fahrenheit. However the water temperature was very cold to the touch.

As I placed the SUP board in the water I noticed how clear the water was to the bottom. At the put-in location, the depth was about 1 foot. I was curious how deep the lake was and how far down I would be able to see.

Stand Up Paddle – Seated

sitting stand up paddle boarding, forever sabbatical

I put on my water shoes and life vest and grabbed the paddle to sat down on the board. Yes, I started in the seated position. As I started to paddle I stayed right next to the shore. My nervousness was acting up and I keep talking to myself that it was okay if I fell in because I could easily stand up in 1 foot of water.

Stand Up Paddle – Kneeling

My confidence started to build, so I sat in the kneeling position and paddled out away from the shore but not far. I wanted to make sure I could turn myself around. Hunter was onshore ready to jump in to get me if I got stuck. That paddle was a success. I make a turn and make it back to land.

Stand Up Paddle – Standing

standing stand up paddle boarding, forever sabbatical

The board felt very stable and I was getting excited to try standing. As I was right next to the shore, I stood up and I stayed standing. There was a little bit of a body wobble and then I was fine. The paddle and I started to work together. Next, I found myself about 20 feet away from shore and able to maneuver the board in a purposeful direction.  I looked down and the water was just as clear as it was next to the shore. There were no signs to let me know how deep the lake was but I trust that it was deeper than 5 feet.

This lake was great to learn how to SUP board on because there are no motorized boats allowed and the water was very calm. I did not have to fight any waves, it was like being on flat glass.

As I continued to paddle around, I was able to look up at the Rocky Mountains, feel the sun on my face, and feel amazing. I saw fish swimming below me and I smiled. This is how people get addicted to paddleboarding.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding at Twilight Lake in Colorado

Walking stand up paddle boarding, forever sabbatical

Have you ever paddle boarded? If not, would you try it?

11 thoughts on “Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding at Twilight Lake in Colorado
  1. Great job on the pictures! They reminded us of how wonderful our parks can be. You both did an amazing job on the descriptions. No, I have never tried this sport, but the scenery looks well worth the trip.

  2. My family loves to paddleboard and we are always looking for new places to visit. Twilight Lake in Colorado looks so calm and perfect for paddleboarding. We definitely need to visit and bring our boards.

    1. You and your family would love this lake. There is plenty of parking and picnic tables. When paddle boarding you can see the fish swimming below. Now that it a something to see.

    1. Where would you try paddle boarding? Is there an area that you will be visiting soon that has calm waters?

  3. I haven’t actually had an opportunity to paddle board yet, but we are looking forward to trying it soon, in Costa Rica. I love these pictures, and I couldn’t help but notice your really nice dry bag. I imagine that the water was indeed, quite chilly!

    1. Costa Rica! Wow paddle boarding there would be awesome. I understand there are guides that will take groups through the rainforest on SUPs. Due to the rain in Costa Rica, you will want to take your gear in a dry bag. Make sure it is comfortable to carry, try a backpack version.

  4. I don’t love paddleboarding in the ocean, but it would be fun to try it on a lake! It seems like a great way to relax and check out the lake.

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