Queen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities

Queen Creek’s Fall Festival 2018


Fall festivals are full of candy, pie fragrances and games galore. As we entered the Queen Creek fall festival grounds we were given a wristband, a trick or treat bag, and liability waiver form to fill out. I thought, “What would I do that would need a liability waiver form for?” I would soon find out.

GamesQueen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities games

There were many booths, such as baked goods for sale raising money for groups. There was a bean bag toss to knock over cans. Of course, there was a dart game to pop balloons. Each booth had candy that the volunteers would put into your trick or treat bag. The lines to play each game were short. Most of the time, we would play the game and then got right back in line again to play again.

Petting FarmQueen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities Petting area

The petting farm had chickens, goats, pigs, etc. There was a nice pig that liked to be rubbed and I hung out with it for a while. Even though the hay appeared to be very tasty to the others in the area, I decided not to part take and went to find more candy.Queen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities Petting area 2

Train RidesQueen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities train

The train ride was wonderful. The train would travel around the buildings and back in a 5 min rotation. We waved at others walking past and enjoyed the sunset view.

ActivitiesQueen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities rope gif

At one of the stations, get to learn how to rope a steer. As you can tell from the gif, I was able to actually rope the steer. The next stage was to get on a fake stationary horse and rope the calf that ran/motored out from under the horse. This I tried many times and was unsuccessful.

Queen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities ride gif

Now on to the activity where I understood why they had people sign the waiver form at the front entrance. It was a jumping Velcro activity. They put you in a jumpsuit made of Velcro. Tip: if you have long hair, pull it back and out of the way. So that it won’t get stuck in the Velcro. Then you roll on to the jumping device. You roll because the suit is stiff and you cannot bend or step. Next, I attempted to jump. This turned out to also be a challenge. Then you fling yourself up an on to the Velcro wall. That was the fun part. Then I was stuck. The Velcro was holding very well. I was not sure what to do. I was just hanging there. The operators said try flinging yourself off backward. That did not work. Eventually, I was able to pull an arm off the wall then the other arm. Then I was able to brace myself to pull off my torso and then my legs. Then guess what happened. I went and did it again. It was awesome!!!Queen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities velcro gif

Cattle ChasingQueen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities cattle chasing

Everyone said you have to stay and watch the cattle chasing. Actually, they all said that I should sign up for it. Since I did not know what it was, I said, “Yes.” I went over to the registration table and filling out my name and my age. The kid volunteer gave me a wristband without looking at the paper to see my age. As he finished putting on the wristband on me, I notice a sign on the table that said for grades 9th-12th. I starting laughing and said to the kid, “I have completed 12th grade a while ago.” Apparently, I could have done it if I had not told on myself. We stayed to watch the cattle chasing. For each grade level; a few kids would chase a cow around the arena. The cow would have a ribbon on its tail. The winning student won $20. It was fun to watch.

Queen Creek’s Fall Festival 2018 Activities

Did you attend a fall festival this year? If yes, what city or state was it in?

25 thoughts on “Queen Creek Fall Festival 2018 Activities
  1. How fun!! I love goats. I would have spent a major it ty of the time with them. How did you find out about it??
    Y oi u should have totally competed!!
    Looks like a great time!
    Get em’ cowgirl!! Yee haw

  2. This looks like a great family affair. You had your face painted ,too. Would be a wonderful way to spend the day. Food, games and entertainment, that’s what I call a complete experience.

  3. Sadly, I didn’t attend any fall festivals this year even though I really wanted to. This one looks like everyone had a grand time! So fun!

  4. What a fun day out! Looks like some good old fashioned family fun there! The velcro suit is hilarious, my kids have enjoyed that before.

  5. Festivals are really my favorite weekend things to do. There typically are not large crowds, and usually good treats and fun things to do. Great place to try new things and bring the family.

  6. My goodness! You got right in there and made yourself some awesome memories! Love it! Looks like you had a great time and thanks for sharing. I love fall festivals!

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